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PH - booking up as a package

I want to get married and have my insuite reception in PH and was planning on just choosing one of the packages on offer and adding to it. But I'm starting to think you get better deals if you get married somewhere else and just have the reception at PH. What does everyone think about booking up as part of a package?So far I think I've found out you can't have the Apex suite if you book a package or use any outside vendors. Maybe I would be better off getting married in a cheaper chapel and just go back to PH for my receptionsAnyone got any views??

Re: PH - booking up as a package

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    edited December 2011
    I know that you are not suppose to bring in any outside food or alcohol and this is written in the contract. I am not saying that you can't you just have to be careful and sneak it in. I was going to do my whole package at PH, but I thought it was cheaper to get married at PH and have my reception somewhere else.
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