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My Secret Engagement...vent

So my boyfriend of 3 years surprised me with a trip to vegas for my birthday. It was awesome! It was his first time, my second. He was so sad to leave. Before we left everyone swore we would get married while there. I was so against it until the last day when things got mushy and I said "let's just get married here." After coming to our senses, and a very frank discussion, we did decide that we'd get married in vegas, forgo the big wedding and just have a long vacation. We've decided on the third week on March. We're also inviting our family and close friends, so maybe like 30 people could potentially be there. There's just one catch. My FI doesn't want to tell any of our friends until we have at least booked the flight, room and confirmed the day. He promises that we'll announce our sans ring engagement at the end of the month. I get that he wants to be able to say "Hey we're having our wedding in vegas and here's the details", but its killing me. I think that he thinks that people won't take us seriously until we have something booked. (or maybe he wants to formally propose first???) My mom and his parents know, so that helps, but I feel like I have to avoid my friends for three weeks for fear of letting it slip. Ugh!Thank you for letting me vent.

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    That's got to be hard keeping in something you're so happy and excited about. My FI and I kinda have the same situation. We were talking about getting married and he wanted to go to Vegas after his deployment and I was like "Let's just get married there!" We agreed and that was that. He hasn't formally propsed yet (he'll be home from his deployment in four it's coming!). I can see your FI's point to that he wants to have something ocncrete to show everyone. I'd say give it two more weeks and let him know you're going to EXPLODE and have to tell everyone! hahahahahaCongrats by the way!!
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    Hi Ladies, I am in the same boat :)  I've been with my bf for 6 years!!!! I am now 31 and he's 35....we started talking about getting married earlier this year, but no official proposal (sans diamond ring).  About 1 month ago, he asked my gf for my ring size (yeah i don't usually wear jewelry) when I found out...I actually told him to not to buy me an engagement ring since we are also in the process of buying a home.  Honestly, I rather have a Viking kitchen than a bling!!He does not like crowds so we "compromised" to have a small/intimate wedding in Vegas (Jan 2010) and we'll probably have no more than 50 guests (it's a headache chopping off guests from the list).....and he has not told anyone other than 3 or 4 of his closest friends and I only told the ppl that are VIPs (the must invites)...I feel your frustration!! Hang in there...we'll get through it :)
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