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Oh boy!! getting nervous now!!

---The  chapel is officially booked!! -planet hollywod---Photographer is  booked  . Deacon Tyler .----Dress paid off!!  ----Rings  are  in layaway .. (thank you  for that payment  option zales. )--- glamsquad-james   booked!--- shoes. CHECK----Invites , done  an ready to send out next year !its eight months away  but feels like its just around the corner .. OH boy !!!Have a great week everyone !

Re: Oh boy!! getting nervous now!!

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    edited December 2011
    Wow, you have alot done. Good Job. It didn't hit me that we were getting married until he brought his suit home last week and I was like WOW this is really happening and now I am paraniod/nervous about saying our vows in front of everyone. Time has flown by for me and I am sure it will fly by for you. Good Luck with all the rest of your planning.
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    I have to say I love Zales for that payment option 2 more payments and the ring is mine!!!! Then we start paying for his! Gotta love them.I talked to our officiant!  That is squared away!Our Photographer is the venue photog and we put our deposit down for that. Our venue had an open house and we got to see the changes they made to our reception site it is much better and now we have a private garden area for the reception. The Grove.[url=][img][/img][/url] 
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