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Nevada-Las Vegas

3 days left!

Hey Ladies, I'm just now starting to get nervous my wedding is this coming saturday only 3 days left. Any last words of advice?

Re: 3 days left!

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    Take at least an afternoon for just you and your future husband. We were SO busy the entire week I felt like we never got to talk. Don't try too hard to please everyone.  I was so focused on spending time with all 40 guests we had, that it was giving me insane stress and I was getting frustrated. Also note that NOBODY is ever on time for anything in Las Vegas. Enjoy yourself!
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    After you get married before you start your adventures for the day whatever you had planned take a couple minutes alone with your new husband.  Enjoy each other for that little bit of time and relish in  the fact that you are now man and wife. Remember not to sweat the small stuff something will probibly happen.  Something will not go the way you planned but that is ok! Enjoy the fact that you are marrying the man of your dreams. This is your day to celebrate!  This last weekend at the Venetian I saw a bride carrying a whole bunch of stuff it looked very taxing.  You have other people to do that.  I say the only thing you should have to carry while walking anywhere is a cocktail and your flowers.  Everything else everyone else should take care of!  
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    Have fun!! Take a few minutes during the reception where you and your husband step back, look around and take it all in. Oh...make sure you eat :)
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    have fun!
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    Pamila! I loved what you said about the Bride at the Venetian... I think thats how it should be too so i copy and pasted that part into an email and sent it to my two Bridesmaids and my mum letting them know this is what i expect too heehee!!
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    Roll with it and remember to eat!
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