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Recommended Airbrushing Places...

Can anyone recommend me a real good airbushing place in Vegas? I'm thinking of getting it done the day before the wedding. I don't want to look incredibly washed out in the pics and I just want a nice glow to me.Thanks!

Re: Recommended Airbrushing Places...

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    I personally haven't been there, but I know the spa at Caesar's always gets good reviews.
  • edited December 2011 just found this in my research....the price looks somewhat decent for a two day trip out to the hotel room....
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    I used Tanning Vegas and they were wonderful.  We had one slight problem with a last minute business trip but things worked out and they gave us a discount.  I was ghostly white and didn't want to look too tan, just natural, and they did a great job.  It sounds weird to say, but people didn't really notice that I had gotten the airbrushing done, and I was so happy about that.  I didn't want the "fake n bake" look, I just wanted some really natural looking color and they were able to get that for me.  You will want to get the tan done a couple days before so you won't rub off on your dress and the tan is better after a couple days.  Send them an email (their email is on their website) and Shannon or Lorit will give you all the details and advice on when to do it.  Good luck.
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    Thanks Augri...I'll send them an email now.
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