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Hi ladies. You have been so helpful with all my questions... and have seriously helped me to plan mt entire wedding! So I am asking for you assistance once more! I am wanting to buy my BM's their dresses as a thank you for helping, etc. I am not wanting to spend to much... I have been searching online and there is so many sites selling beautiful dresses for less the $100.00! They are all from the US aswell so its not some overseas sketchy thing... But was wondering if any of you have went this route or know someone who has. How was the experience? I know there are dresses in stores but I have BM's of all sizes and am having trouble finding a dress for all of them and the ones online also come in plus sizes! Thanks ladies... and thanks again for all your help!

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    I've seen a couple of different options other than going the same dress/same color route when having varying sizes or style likes: Allow each girl to pick their own top....but the same color. Pick a color scheme/or solid color and allow the girls to pick a dress that fits them. If I had more than two BM I would have picked a color scheme and had my girls get different colors but in similar style looks awesome! If I can find the Knottie who did this I'll post the pic for you.
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    Check out this posting: you scroll down you'll see the color scheme idea....This might help with the varying size of your girls to help them all feel comfortable in their dress.  David's Bridal may be a good place to start with this.If the dresses aren't in your price range...maybe paying for their hair/make-up or shoes/jewelery or take them out to the spa for a nice mani/pedi?
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    I actually found bridesmaids dresses at Target. I know, it sounds crazy but they had a pretty good selection. The prices were under $50 and another knottie had told me about it because I loved hers and they were from Target. I was a little worried because my bridesmaids are really fashionable and one even works in the fashion industry, but they totally owned their dresses with their accessories ANd were very happy that they didn't have to stress if they didn't wear it again, because they only spent $40! I HATE when you spend a lot on a dress and the bride says you will wear it again...yes sometimes, but NOT always! LOL I am excited to see them in their outfits for the wedding! Good luck in your search!!
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    If you find something that's out of your price range, you can try getting a quote from places like,, and  They're all reputable resellers and usually have better prices than retail.  If you have a wide range of sizes, I really do recommend picking a few requirements (fabric, length, color, designer) and letting the girls choose their own dresses.  You can then just tell them you'll pay for the dress up to $100.
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    Try eBay... I feel like such an eBay bride... heh. Anywho, there's one seller in particular who seems to sell a lost of Dessy dresses for under $100. I can't say if they're 100% authentic (they claim to be), but the one I bought was great quality, came perfectly new, and I lucked out on the price. It was a good experience. If you know their size/measurements, it should be a breeze. Even if they end up needing slight alterations, it should be much cheaper than buying a dress straight from one of the big name sellers.
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    My girls got their dresses at Target as well and waited long enough till they went on sale some paid $21 total with shipping and taxes. The most spent I believe was $35.
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    I'm having my bridemaids pick out their own dresses, just giving them stipulations regarding color/style of the dress and shoes. This way, they're more likely to wear the dress again and can decide on their own how much they want to spend.
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