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Getting Ready photos

OK, for those who had them were they worth the cost? I would really like some but adding the extra photographer time is really costly. What did you think of being photographed in your room? Was it uncomfortable?

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    I personally love seeing the photos of the bride getting ready. Some of those little details are important to capture! :-) You could hire a second shooter to do an hour before your ceremony. My photographer was there while I was getting ready and I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. A good photographer will get those shots without you even noticing they're in the room.
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    Hi Marilynfan I love the getting ready shots and only decided in the last 6 weeks to pay for my photographer, for the extra and its the best decision ive made as now i havent got to worry about it, If you want them then just hire him extra.ive been collecting a few photos over the monthes and got some greta images in my head and sent a few to my your board passes and have photos of them with the rings.this is my favourite shot i want.dress hanging upI dont think you will feel uncomfortable you will be to busy.
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    I scheduled our photographer to come during the last 30 minutes of my getting ready. I figured that I didnt need over 2+ hours of hair and makeup application pics so that worked out great for us. He got last minute hair/makeup pics like lori applying my lip gloss and attaching the veil, pics of the dress, then of me getting laced into the dress, shoe and ring shots, and a few pics of me checking the final picture out in the mirror. I though abotu 30-40 min was perfect for all the details I wanted captured, then we went straight into the bride/groom shots becausethe groom was scheduled to arrive 30 min later with my bouquet. Also, it was not uncomfortable at all- I barely noticed him and of course he was not taking any inappropriate photos- not like he could since the long line bra and petticoat covered just as much as my dress!
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