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Big Wedding in Vegas?

With our families being really spread out and not being able to decide which hometown we should get married in, we opted for a Vegas wedding. Now it looks like most members of our extremely huge families are going to come, so we need to plan for 100-150 guests! Any advice on good places to have a wedding and a reception for that many people without going bankrupt??!

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    There is a link in my siggy to the Vegas FAQ which has a wealth of information.The Classico chapel at Caesars will easily hold that many guests for a ceremony.For reception, are you looking for a particular price range per person?  Lunch or dinner?  Dancing?If you are on the lower end of that range there are several different restaurants that could accomodate your group, but I'm not sure what the options are outside of a hotel ballroom for a group of 150.
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    I second Caesars Palace. While we're only expecting around 80, we've invited 140 people. Their garden holds 113 (I think), and like atlcatlover said, the chapel holds much more than that. They also have reasonable prices, and my coordinator has been excellent to work with. I can't really give too much advice on the reception. It all depends on what your budget is, and what you're looking to do. But Vegas has so many options, and I'm sure you'll find something that works. The FAQ is a great place to start the whole process of elimination.
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    If a hotel chapel and ballroom aren't in the cards for you, you can try places like Four Seasons, The Grove,  The Ritz  that offer full service wedding/receptions for usually less than the hotel prices.Happy Planning!
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    I had 225 people at my wedding. We were initially expecting to have about 125-150 guests and really like a ballroom at Caesars, but it couldn't accommodate our growing gust list. Definitely looking int Caesars or Rio.
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    I 2nd the Grove that is where I am getting married. It is wonderful and plenty of room if you are looking for something different.
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    I'm planning a wedding now for June and just booked my ceremony and reception. We are inviting 140 people...not sure yet how many will make it.  We are getting married at Caesars Classico. It is beautiful and everyone there has been very helpful so far. It seems to be the only indoor chapel on the strip that seats over 100 guests. We didn't want it outside because in June it could be crazy hot. Then we are having our reception at Maggiano's and booking all three rooms. We wanted a dinner with drinks and dancing. They seemed to have the best deals I could find. Still pricey to have dinner for that many people though. $75 per person (over 21) is the package I chose. Includes family style dinner with a ton of food, deserts, a cake, and 4 hours premium open bar. I got many recommendations to go there from all of the other knotties! Thanks all! :)
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