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I read in your reply post that you also hired the same videographer as me. I hope you don't run into the same problem that I'm having. It's really upsetting when you invest time and money Did the videographer happen to provide you with an alternate telephone number or e-mail address (other than what's listed on their website? If so, could you possibly provide that to me? As you can tell, I'm incredibly desperate right now... THANK YOU! :-) By the way....I love that you're getting married on 9.9.9!

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    Thanks! ;O) yeah I totally hope this won't happen to us!! FI freaked when I told him about what you're going through!!No unfortunately I only have the contact details that are also on the website...sorry. He rarely answers my E-Mails annoying!Well lets hope for the best...only 1 week and 1 day to go 'till the BIG DAY! YAY!Good luck to you! Go kick his a** girl!! ;O) def. let me know how it all turns out.
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    If you don't mind me asking, when was the last time you had been in contact with the videographer? I recently spoke to a bride whose wedding well over a year ago and hadn't heard from the videographer in the last 4 months.
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    The last E-Mail I received from him was on Tuesday June 16th this year. But our day of coordinator must have been in contact with him about 2 weeks ago. I have written him an E-Mail on Sunday so I'm hoping to hear back from him soon!
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