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Silly what to take question

Hi all,I'm Mary and I've been reading posts for awhile now but this is the first time I've decided to finally dip my toe in the message board pool!It seems in the stress of planning my wedding (I'm now 40 days off) I've lost some brain cells.  I am trying to figure out if I should take a purse or clutch on the big day and if so what would you all put in it?thanks so much!

Re: Silly what to take question

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    I bought a clutch to carry the day of- for the ceremony, dinner afterwards, etc. I plan to take tissues, extra lipstick, a couple of bandaids (in case my shoes blister my feet), my ID and debit card, and maybe some cash. I will give it to my mom to hold during the ceremony.
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    I brought a little silver clutch and also had my mom hold it during the ceremony. It had my debit/credit cards, ID, cash, lipgloss, travel size tide-to-go stick, bandaids and safety pins, room key, tip envelopes, cell phone, and the ipod we were using at the reception. I don't know that I am the kind of girl who could EVER leave without a purse, so going without felt more unnatural to me.
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    I hate purses, but since my dress doesn't have cargo pockets I bought a black clutch that will carry my cell phone, ID and debit card, money for tips, and lipstick.
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    I had a clutch and only carried my lip gloss mini makeup compact. Everything else I dumped into my MOH's clutch (pins, my mobile phone, tissues, etc.)
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    Welcome! and congrats on getting married! I'd have to say ditto on every pp...def. take ID with you and your hotel room key if nothing else :)
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    Our recetion is in our suite but I will still be taking a small bag with room key and lipgloss for touch ups on the strip tour and when we go out later after the reception
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    I'll be taking phone, cash, hotel key, camera, i.d. lip gloss. I hope everything fits. :)
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    Thanks everyone for the advice!  I've already put finding a clutch to take on my list of things to do!!!!
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    I'll be taking a clutch with lipbalm, lipgloss, a compact, a small face moisturiser (just in case my skin goes dry) and tissues! Plus gambling money, ID and my room key!
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