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total vanity question (humor me please)

I have never had a facial. My mom wants to get one for me before we leave for Vegas. I would not say that I have acne, but I am very careful to keep my skin clean to prevent breakouts (im 31 for goodness sake and still gets zits!). So I guess what I am asking is: is a facial a good idea a week before my wedding? I hear it can make your skin a bit sensitive for a few days? What would you ladies do? I know it is silly and vain, but I will have pictures from this for the rest of my life!

Re: total vanity question (humor me please)

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    How does your skin react to new products? Honesty, I would've suggested at least two weeks prior to the wedding just in case your skins reacts or if the facial brings out pimples (which they can sometimes).
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    I agree with the PP. I have acne prone skin and a facial did make my skin look nice and smooth but it was red immediately following it. I would do it about 2-3 weeks before the wedding. The effects will last until your wedding but you want enough time for the redness to go down.
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    do a facial 2-3 weeks before your wedding. You never know how your skin will react to the facial, plus (in the even that a bad reaction does occur) you'll want your skin to have time to recover.
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    i believe most wedding beauty web sites say a month to three weeks before...never had one myself. sounds like a nice treat for your mom to give you.
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    The 1st time I got one I started to break out the next week, so personally I would not do it, but its up to you. Storybook brides suggests: If you are having a facial, please schedule it no closer than a week beforeyour services. If you are tanning please do in a wise manner.
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    I agree with PP's - 3 weeks min probably.  Also - do research on the TYPE of facial.  Some are more intense than others...and all of them vary in objectives.  Pick one that will produce the results that you're looking for and again - I would do it it at least 3 weeks prior.  :-)
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    I agree with what everyone else said.  I too have problem and sensitive skin.  I would do this.  Get a mask that you like and do it yourself at home the week before, and then say you know what mom? How about instead you and I go get a massage together?  Personally I think a massage to be much more relaxing which is great for the skin.  Just make sure to drink plenty of water!
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    Thanks so much everyone! I have decided to wait. From what you all are saying, now is not a good time to try something new! lolThanks again ladies!
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