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Trevi Packages?

Does anyone happen to know the details of Trevi's group dining packages? I just sent them an e-mail and I'll be visiting them next month when scouting, but I was just curious of the information that you ladies have. Thanks!

Re: Trevi Packages?

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    I didn't use their packages but the service was great, hope you find what you're looking for!  :) MCC84 is  an upcoming Trevi Bride, maybe she'll pop in and share what their doing.
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    We're also having our dinner at Trevi on November 7.  I was working with Lalana until she left, but now with Michelle, who is also great! Lalana customized a menu for us because their packages, while pretty affordable, were just a bit out of our price range. She allowed me to select some of their most affordable entrees and construct our own menu.Here's how it's breaking down:Salad - $7.50Beverages (non-alcoholic) - $3.50Entrees - $18, $18.50, or $23 depending on what people chooseCake cutting fee - $2So this should come out to about $33 per person, give or take.  Above that, we are paying for beer and their house wine. Any other alcohol will be at the guest's expense.  This is before tax and also before the 20% gratuity. I am estimating it might total out at about $55 per person.The entree choices that we selected are sausage and polenta, chicken limone, and lasagna.Hope this helps!
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    Is there any chance that you could give me the e-mail address of the person that you are working with at Trevi? I haven't heard from them, and I'd like to get some information without bothering you brides, haha. TIA!
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    BTW Kellie - thanks so much for the information... it was extremely helpful!
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    You're welcome! I've heard from Michelle at both of these e-mail addresses: [email protected][email protected]
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