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I know your wedding is only a few days away!! :) I was wondering how your communication has been with Girogio's and who you have been working with. I got to speak with Ursula yesterday who was very nice but told me that the prices went up and that some of the things Kathryn had told me were incorrect. Makes me a little nervous! I'm anxious to here how it goes for you. Have a great time and congrats in advance!

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    Yeah we're leaving in a few hours!! Still can't believe it is actually here!! YAY! ;O))First we have been in contact with Kathryn and then with some guy named Christophe who got fired some time ago and ever since we have been in contact with Ursula. Yeah it was the same thing with us too. She said some things were wrong etc...communication hasn't always been the best I must say....but well now we're just hoping they will do their job and everything will be fine on Wednesday for the reception!!Thanks! I will let you know how it all went once we're backl!! ;O))
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