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Hi!I took a look at your bio and saw that we are both getting married at Caesars around 3:30 and having our receptions at Maggiano's at 6! same time line. : ) I'm wondering who is your photographer? We already got a package that come with a photographer at Caesars...but I'm nervous he won't take enough pictures. I have to get a photographer for Maggiano's as well. I'm wondering if you had two photographers? did they charge you a vendor fee to use a different photographer? I just don't know how to go about doing this and Caesars is very unclear how long the photographer will be with us.Also did you use Caesars as your florist or go with someone else?Thanks!!!Lindsay


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    Hi Lindsay,We are actually bringing our photographer with us... he is a guest at our wedding anyway! We are using Caesars photographer for the ceremony and the family shots straight after but then were having our own guy. We have a limo picking us up at 5pm and were going to the Vegas sign and hopefully Paris before we get dropped off at Maggiano's at 6pm.  Caesars havent mentioned the photographer at all to me so I haven't a clue how it works!  We have used the florist at Caesars, I have my bouquet and then we have button holes and corsages for the parents, sister and my two Bridesmaids. My bridesmaids are holding Parasols so went against bouquets for them too.
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    Thanks so much for responding! Even though I didn't want to at first, I am realizing it is best to have two photographers. I want someone with me all day and Caesars is so expensive to add hours. Also I heard you have to pay like $500 to get the CD of your images from Caesars! not worth it. i will probably just pick the ones that come with my package and get the CD from my other photographer. I feel Caesars has a bunch of added costs that they don't tell you about before you sing your contract. It's probably like that at all of the hotels though. I still have to figure out the florist. So far my planner that they assigned me is awful .Doesn't return any of my emails!! How is yours. I've already heard bad things about mine and thinking I should switch now. How am I supposed to plan flowers if she won't even contact me back?Love the parasol idea!! Cute!:)Lindsay
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