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anyone use the Caesars package at Caesars Palace? Of course I picked that and thought it had many wonderful I'm finding they are not all that great. They give you a photographer for during the ceremony after after the ceremony in the chapel with the bridal party. I then have them for an additional hour. This sounded great but how will I do "getting ready photos" too when I would need more hours. The additional hour would probably be needed after the ceremony. they are $300 an hour! I was hoping to just get someone for my reception at Maggiano's....but am nervous I won't have enough pictures at Caesars. i'm interested in using Bentley Wilson and many have suggested me using him for the entire 8 hour day. I just feel like I wasted my $$ picking a package with the Caesars photographer. I heard that he is way more money to buy prints from and now I find that i need to pay a $200 vendor fee if I want to bring Bentley Wilson there. Anyone have this same dilemma? What should I do? Not have "getting ready photos"? and just use the Caesars photographer at Caesars and another photographer at reception.What did you all do? I would love any help/advice you have!Lindsay

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    If you hire a photographer for 8 hrs...they'll get the "getting ready" moments (assuming your not getting your H&M done at 8AM for a 3PM or later ceremony) ... during the ceremony they can just hang out wherever for the 45 minutes. IMO it's not that big of a loss or deal.   They don't HAVE to shoot the ceremony, especially if you have pictures included in a package already.   I'd not get the upgrade with Cashman (but I didn't want a ton of ceremony photos anyway) and have the other photographer for before and after the ceremony. RE: Todd's prints costing alot...  To my knowledge, he doesn't offer that service. You get a CD with all your photos to print yourself.   Unless you mean Cashman costs alot for extra prints.  Yes, they do.   $10 for ONE 4x6 picture.
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    I didn't like the idea of having 2 different photographers for different parts of the day, so I am paying the $200 outside vendor fee. It helps that we saved a bit of money by changing our ceremony package to a more basic one.Have a look at the website. You may find that one of the more basic packages has most of the same things, but less flowers or photography which may suit you better. You're allowed to make one change to your package within the contract.
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