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Im a MRS....!!!!

First off...everything wedding related from the chapel to the dinner was great......the only hiccups, aggravations, and stresses came from family members...Reviews to come but here are some tipsFirst, if you have a kid coming to Vegas be sure that you have somebody to look after or hang with them for the trip. This could be a family member or friend but be sure that they wont have resentments (because they want to enjoy Vegas too) for being the one looking after them because you and your hubby want some alone time or time to get things straight...My mom was great...DHs family not so much.......Dont come to Vegas and then be a cheap skate....everything cost money....cabs...buffets.....drinks....just budget and youll be fine.If you are having you Bachlorette not buy those vip package deals...because you can walk the strip and get access free cards....we did for almost every hot club in town Fri, Sat, Sun.Cashman Photos- They are not pushy as most make them out to be...but be warned...they take some good pictures and it was hard to just pick twelve that came in the fact we didnt DH just bought the whole CD..and it was a pretty penny..Oh if you have a bank card or a cc make sure that they know you are going to be making some big purchases....because if they dont the cc/debit card will be denied. Then you call and say hey its okay then they take the shield or precaution down and then it will go thru. Its for theft protection so I cant be too mad about that.

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