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I know you all have posted before about them, could you refresh my memory!?? How was the service? the vehicles? Do they allow alchohol? I am trying to figure out our transportation and I am thinkin of them because they do not require the 2hr minium.Any input will be lovely! Thanks!


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    I used them about a month ago for my wedding and thought they were great. I rented the 24 or 28 pass bus (I don't remember now which), and like you I picked them because of the hour minimums not being an issue there. I used it for 2 hours to get to the reception and 1 separately booked hour to get people back after. Our driver was great, he helped my grandma in a wheelchair on and off, had the AC cranked cold, went back ways to save time (per our request), and didn't mind waiting any time we needed to stop, or someone was running late. I was also worried that 2 hours wasnt enough time to get 2 roundtrips from mandalay to palazzo, with a stop at the LV sign- but he had everyone there at least 20 min early!!I will say that I have seen negative reviews about them in the past- not courteous drivers comes to mind. But I had a great experience. I was willing to risk it for the price and time mins and it worked out well. Not sure about alcohol- we didn't try to bring any. The bus itself was nice enough- nothing like the party buses, but a standard , decently kept bus.  I will say the worst part was the booking- apparently for the bus I wanted if you want to pay ahead of time with a credit card, you MUST book online. And to do 2 trips you MUST book 2 separate bookings. I was hoping to keep the same driver both trips to simplify things/because he would know us at the 2nd trip and it happened to work out that we got him again, but I think it was because he requested it (after I tipped he asked when our pickup was scheduled).
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    For awhile there, they were getting bad reviews, but reviews of late have seemed to be positive.
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