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My FI and I are working on our guest list. I have a rather large faimly with a lot of kids. I am not the kid type person, and really would perfer only to have a few present at my wedding who are in it or I see on a monthly basis. Is it wrong for me to invite only some kids that are faimly or do I have to invite all of my cousins with their kids? Currently we have 46 adults 11 kids under 10 and 4 kids over 10. I dont think that the kids will be happy there and I know the adults wont beable to partake in a lot of fun things. They are from all over the us and our wedding is on a Thrusday a few weeks after school starts. I would be having the same thoughts even if it were not a destination wedding and they would still have to fly into where we live. HTH for backround TIA

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  • edited December 2011 can not only invite certain kids, so you have to choose to either tell people no kids, and because it's Vegas, I think most parents will make the proper plans....
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    The only time that i think it is ok to just invite just some kids is when they are in the wedding. it is not ok to invite some kids that are not in the wedding but not all. So it's either all or nothing.
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    With family, kids tend to be all or nothing, especially for a destination wedding.What about arranging babysitting in someone's hotel room?  That way the parents can still bring their kids if they choose, but you don't have to have them at the actual wedding.  If there are any kids that you're particularly close to, you can put them in the wedding party.
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    I think some of your guests with kids may decide not to come if they can't bring their kids.  An adult-only local wedding is a lot different than an adult-only DW.  Some guests may not be able to leave their kids for a few days, or they may not want to.  I do think you need to be consistent with the kid-policy though.  If you are inconsistent, then your guests may get upset.I invited parents and kids (of all ages) to our wedding and most guests decided to leave them at home with relatives.  But I wanted to give them the option.  The kids that did come had so much fun and their parents had fun too.  I think parents are smart enough to decide what is best for their own family. 
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    I used to be in the camp of " invite 1 kid you have to invite them all!"....but I've since changed my mind. Regardless of age, it's your guest list.   People don't think it's rude when you have to skim back the guest list to only 1st cousins or people you've talked to in the past year... or only immediate family....yet have a chit fit when kids are left out.   Bah.    Wtf is the difference?   Invite who you want at the wedding. 
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    my bridesmaid has a girl 11 and she made the decison to leave her at home.
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    We only invited children that were related to us.  We did have one other couple bring their 4 yr old daughter b/c they were tacking a family vacation onto their trip to our wedding and that was fine.  They did ask first, and we see them regularly so know the daughter well.  If anyone else had asked we would have been ok with it, but we really wanted people to come and enjoy themselves and not have to worry about their kids.  In the end I bet we had 2 dozen or more kids left with sitters or relatives so their parents could come to our wedding.
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    What we did is we cut it off at our siblings kids.  So in other words, our friends kids, kids of our cousins, etc. weren't included but our nieces and nephews were.
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