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include those little tags in your invites from you gift registry?  Ex- Crate and Barrel gives you these little squares that say you are registered there.  Did you put that in the invite, or is that tacky?  I have seen it both ways.  I tend to think it a little tacky, but my mother thinks I need to.  I do have the registry info listed on our website but I know not everyone will visit.

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    It's never good etiquette to include registry info in an invitation for an event that you host (vs. a shower, where soemone else is hosting it in your honor).

    Stores don't care if it makes you look bad, & so they give you the cards & tell you it's ok; all they care about is a sale.

    Also, anyone that wants to buy you something off your registry will ask you, your family, or your friends where you're registered. Word-of-mouth - & only when asked - is the most polite way to spread your registry info.

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    I have to agree with pp. Bed Bath & Beyond went as far as sending my the little cards twice in the mail (way to waste money). 

    Putting it on your website is fine. Im sure even those who wont visit it will hear where you've registered by word of mouth. I would honestly just toss those little cards or turn them over and reuse them as little note pads :)
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    I've only ever received one invite that had a registry card in it, but I do agree- generally bad taste. Just spread the word (put those bridesmaids and family members to work) and people will know. Also, generally they can put your names into google (or at least that's what I did with one couple) and some registry info will pop up. They'll find it! :)
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    If you want to use them, include them in your shower invites but do NOT include them in your wedding invites.
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    My maid of honor included where I was registered in the shower invitations, that's how word spread about our registries. We had a wedding website which we listed in the invitation, the website listed where we were registered, but we did not mention it in the invitation as I have also been told it's poor etiquette. Did not have a problem at all with anyone finding out where we were registered.
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