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Packing for Vegas! Plus *Pre-Review

Hey LV board!
Done, It took me all day to pack our suit cases! 
To break up the trip from EU we are stoping for 4 days
in NYC. We have 2 checked, 1 roller carry-on and 1 garment bag.

 Air France: C-
I tried to upgrade us, and get this...if you wanted the 
exit row they for us both $1k! Really AirFrance , you are cruel! 

Debi, Fit of a Bride: A+
So far she have been stellar. Answers emails quickly. Informs me promptly of packages arriving. I almost feel like i am abusing the Lady! We have sent her about 6 packages! She really is my saving grace.
I look forward to meeting her!

AnnMarie, Wynn Wedding Salons: A+
She is amazing. The level of communication is just perfect. I am in EU, so the hour difference to LV is pretty opposite. You would think i would have major lag on emails. Nope. Not with AnnMarie.
She really bends over backwards to answer every detail and answer any small Q i may have. I take refuge in the fact that i have such a good WC and also the fact i know first hand the level of excellence Wynn holds in general. Employees at Wynn love their jobs, it really shines thru in every aspect. 

Christin Telese, Wynn Events WC: A+
Another bend over backwards kinda Gal! I had the unlucky, last minute canceling on my reception at Tableau. I was shell schocked, b/c it was such a percet area. Lets just say this is another reason why a superior hotel, Wynn stands the test... They more than made it up to me! I have an even better venue and they honord the other price! 

Wordsof Advise:
 Attention any LV newbies! You really do get what you pay for. And i remember reading on here from another past LV Bride posted in retrospect "putting money where it counts" This statement is very very true and important to understand going into planning.

Remember you are asking people to come to your Destination Wedding.
Make it worth it. 
The most important thing is to not be cheap on Food & Ceremony Location... If you cannot afford the basics+ to support your number of guests, Cut down the invites!!! Cutting corners will not impress anyone.... And why would you downgrade your own wedding?
Know yourself & know your crowd. If you are comming to LV b/c you think you are "saving money and getting much more" Please re-think this idea. 

Food: Food is sooo important people! Don't waste much money/time on any paper goods or favors. Most people will not frame your DIY or Expensive invites, std, or programs... Guests will  toss it! Oh those welcome bags are are just another thing people usually toss. 
Consentrate on Quality, not Quantity of "stuff" you give your guests.

Ceremony Location: You should really see 1st hand with your own eyes. Beware, online pics always look amazing.
If you have never been to LV, and have high expectations, Then please refer to reviews on theknot, tripadviser and any videos you can find on the yt. Going in blind is something i would not reccommend. Period. Unless you are going "Top Shelf" or have a "Wedding Planner" of some sort who knows LV & You.

More to come... AFTER the wedding

Sorry if i offend or sound subjective, but i am just speaking my mind. Wynn is not the holy grail, I must say Smokeybailey's "Golden Nugget" would have been my second choice! 

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Re: Packing for Vegas! Plus *Pre-Review

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