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What did/are you going to do for Bachelorette Party in Vegas?

Hi knotties,

So we are planning to have a bachelor & bachelorette party the night before the wedding because it's more fun to do when we are in Vegas. The guys most likely are going to do the scary rides at Stratosphere. I have no clue what I want to do for mine. I already put ourselves on a guest list for Ghost Bar at The Palms just in case we want to go dancing.

My bridal party are not big on clubbing or dancing so I'm not sure if that will work. I wanted to go see Chippendales because of Jaymes & James from The Amazing Race but their show is at 8 pm and we are going to have rehearsal dinner at 7 so that won't work. Besides, the tickets are pretty spendy.

I don't really care what we are going to do because I've been to Vegas 4 times so far and all I like to do is walking around and playing slot machines. I don't know if my bridal party will like to do that. I'm easy going and just don't want them to be bored.

We can't stay up too late because we will have the wedding the next day. So I want to hear what did you knotties do or are going to do for bachelorette acitivities in Vegas. :).
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Re: What did/are you going to do for Bachelorette Party in Vegas?

  • hey girl...well we planned on having a lil dinner at the Sugar Factory and then separate... girls one way and guys the other way...

    I dont know what we are going to do... I dont really drink..but my girls... that's another story... sooo I know we just want to go and have some Vegas fun... I am sure the guys will do the exact same thing...

    Our Wedding is at 7pm the next night.. so it shouldn't be too bad..

    I do know I want to do a spa the morning of the wedding... to relax and get beautified
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  • Hi Nursing,

    You are so lucky your wedding is at 7 pm. Mine is at 2 and Whitney from Desert Glamour is coming to do our make up starting at 9.

    Sounds like we have kind of the same plan. :).
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  • that is early... what time are you planning on settling down the night before.. you could always go to the early show of the Chippendale's...
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  • We are having the bachelor/bachelorette parties on Thursday. The wedding isn't until Sarurday. We planned for a hangover day in between. Not sure on all the plans yet. Dinner for sure at some place like Sugar Factory.
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  • 1 am. Lol. I don't know usually I don't sleep much when I'm in Vegas. Usually I went to bed at 3 and wake up at 7. I must force myself to sleep the night before the wedding I think.
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  • Yeah getting a good night sleep may help.. but if u don't normally need sleep.. plus the xcitement...I know u will be fine..
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  • @nursing2u 7pm wedding im sure it will beautiful. my wedding is at 12noon
  • That is my problem! The only night we could have of our bachelor/bachelorette party is the night before the wedding. I have big concerns with this because for one, I dont want a hangover the next day or to be running off a few hours sleep for the wedding and two, seeing I have to get my hair done for the wedding, I can't style it as I normally would due to it having to be ready to style the next day. Seeing we live only 3 hrs away, I was thinking of us driving to Vegas for a weekend a few weeks before the wedding to have them. But I don't know! lol

  • oh boy we are not having it the night before our wedding! we are having it on a thursday and wedding on sat, day in between to get our energy back lol, cause knowing my fiances friends n guys standing up for him, he will be in very rough shape! They are all big cop boys most from the sqaud team so im sure he is gonna have a rough night lol. As for me, again i might be in for a long night to as my sister and friends like to have fun, and i can only imagine what they are planning..........I am nervous!!
  • I'm doing mine on Thursday and our wedding is Sat. Planning on hangovers. We are doing a big group meeting (guys and girls) and some bar at the Wynn that the best man picked. Then we are splitting up, and the we are going to firefly for dinner, then to the palms. Ghost bar and moon! No clue what the guys re doing. I'm guessing cigars and strip cubs?
  • I have no clue what I'm doing. I won't have many girls with me since we're doing this super small, and my attendants are my kids so they can't go to the clubs or anything. I don't know any of the gm's wives/gf, so it might be just me and my bff. I know fi and his buddies are gonna be doing drinking and strippers, he thinks we should do the same, but that's more fun with a group I think. Ours will be on Monday for a Wednesday wedding so we have plenty of recovery time between!
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  • Yeah we were trying to save money on the wedding ceremony cost and an extra hotel stay so we are going to have it the night before. It won't be anything too crazy. My Fi doesn't know what he wants to do. He doesn't like strip clubs and clubs. He mentioned, he might take the guys to the Stratosphere and ride those scary rides. I'm kinda in objection about that. I don't want anyone got injured. Besides that, I'm a big wuss so I always think that those scary rides will get stuck somehow. Hopefully not.

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  • I think that is why our ceremony is at 7pm.. gives time to recuperate... if they need it..

    And we wanted an evening ceremony.. around sunset.. Plus... the temp won't be 110...maybe 102 by then(haha)
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  • Hahaha, that's funny about the temperature nursing... But probably true. Haha
  • Yeah we are having the bachelor/bachelorette parties on Thursday. The wedding isn't until Saturday at 6pm. We planned for a recovery day in between, I will probably go get a massage, pool time and have a down day with my mom.

    US as the the girls are going to do a club crawl, with nite tours. I've done them before and go portion of us 90% like to dance so we will be doing that. Someone suggested to do a strip photo tour with the wedding party (which would be fun), dinner and then go out dancing.  

    The boys are going out zip-lining in some canyon, then they are coming back and doing dinner then exotic race car driving after dinner then heading out on the town. Im not sure where... I do have a feeling that we all end up in the same place. lol
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