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Reviews from 12/28- very long!

Treasure Island Chapel A++
I am so surprised that more people don’t use this chapel. You get so much for your $. The chapel was so beautiful, elegant and understated. Fallon the manager answered all of my emails right away (there were plenty) and was always pleasant. On the day of my wedding, Jessica one of the coordinators (not the one assigned to me) actually helped my maid of honor corset my dress. I had ordered flowers for 4 bridesmaids and the best man and because of the blizzard in NY, only 1 girl was able to make it. Treasure Island called the florist and they were able to cancel all of my flowers that I did not need and refunded my account. Overall I am so happy that I got married there. 

Canaletto- A+++I cannot say enough about this place. It is beautiful and the food was wonderful. I originally worked with Kelly the catering manager. She started off wonderful and then was very difficult to get a hold of. At this point, I began dealing with Sean, the restaurant manager and things went really smoothly. He was easy to get a hold of and was so kind to us. Usually they want a final head count like 3-5 days before the event. My mom called and said she would not be able to give a final count until the day before because of the impending snowstorm and Sean said that fine, which was a blessing because we would have paid for 6 people that didn’t come. At the last minute on the day of, we had 2 extra people and this was no problem, the staff quickly added their place settings. At the party, the staff could not do enough for us, every time I got to my seat there was a fresh drink waiting for me. Marcello, the maitre d, was especially wonderful. The room overlooked the St Marks Square (Venetian) and we got a free music show that was going on there. My guests loved the ambiance. I would highly recommend having an event there. 

Bentley Wilson Photography- A+++++++I have not seen the photos yet, but Todd was a joy to work with. He arrived at my chapel early without having to contact him the week of the wedding. He had such an easygoing personality and he fit right in with my crazy family. My husband and I are shy and he made us feel comfortable right away taking pictures. I heard people have issues taking pictures in the Venetian, but it was no problem at all, we went around and he had us quickly take the shots. Any picture I asked him to get, he did with no issues at all. He ate with us and even stayed later. He never asked for payment, my husband finally had to go over to him to settle the bill. He is way worth the $. Cashman Photos- B+You get exactly what you hear from other brides. The rush you through and they make you take some ridiculously posed photos that you know when you are taking them that you will not be ordering them. However, having said that, I was able to find 12 really beautiful shots out of the 100 that the photographer took. I really do love those pictures. What I will say is that you need to be firm when you go the next day to pick out your included pictures. They give you the hard sell. Before they show you pictures that would be included free in your package, they arrange all of the retouched photos, which of course are more attractive. We knew this from the knot, so I warned my husband before and we asked to see the regular ones. I did not even look through the retouched ones because I knew it would lure me in. Cake Designs LV- A++I had so many compliments about my cake. I got a 2 tier cake- one was red velvet and the other was a white cake with chocolate bavarian crème. Both were absolutely fantastic. Guests are still talking about that cake. The best part is, it was for 40 people and it only cost $267. The cake was delivered to Canaletto with no delays, it was there when I arrived. Excellent vendor. 

Roxi Floral- A++This is another vendor that I don’t know why is not used more. Kelly at Canaletto recommended them. I had looked at the other more popular vendors and they were not great with communication. Roxi floral was wonderful, within 24 hours, I always received an email back. The prices were wonderful as well. For 5 hydrangea centerpieces, with delivery and tax it cost $200. They were delivered and set up before I arrived and they were beautiful. 

Travis Allen- A++++Travis was the highlight of my reception. I surprised my guests and did not tell them about him. He showed up during cocktail hour and wowed our guests. He sang the 3 songs I chose and was dressed in authentic Elvis gold lame. He sounded exactly like Elvis. He was so nice and very friendly. He took pictures with any guest that wanted to.  

Treasure Island Tower Suite- A++We reserved a suite for our welcome party the night before our wedding. We got a Tower suite which was 930 square feet with 2 bathrooms. It was really nice. We used 1 bathroom as a bar which worked out great. We brought our own liquor in and we were nervous that we would have to smuggle it up, but the bell hop came right over and brought all of it up with no issue at all. They also allowed Jason’s deli to deliver the food right to our room. 

 Jason’s Deli- A+++The week before the wedding, right before Christmas we decided to have the welcome party. I called Barbara at Jason’s deli and she said it was no problem at all. She was great to work with, always answered her phone and emails. She sent me a customized menu and a price quote within 2 hours of my email. The food was excellent, really fresh and tasty. It was presented really nicely as well. The delivery man brought the food to the room and he even set it up. He was so nice too. 

Fit For A Bride- A+++I had decided 6 days before the wedding to ship the dress. This was 3 days before Christmas Eve. I was in a panic and called Debi to see if it was too late to ship the dress to her. She immediately calmed me down and said she was fully prepared to receive a dress on Christmas Eve. I sent the dress via Fedex and she actually called me on Christmas Eve to let me know it had arrived with no issues. I so appreciated this as I was so anxious about it. She called me the day before we agreed to have her deliver to my hotel and she was at my hotel 15 minutes early to deliver it. It was perfectly steamed and in wonderful condition. I am so happy I did this, it took so much stress off my travel. 

Mens Wearhouse- A++We went to a Mens Wearhouse in NY and told them we were getting married in Vegas. They shipped all of the tuxedoes to Vegas. We did not have to carry them on the plane. The guys also had to return them to the Vegas store. This made it so easy for all of us. Also, our best man was not able to make it to Vegas due to the NY blizzard and he had pre paid his entire tuxedo for $150. He called them and they refunded everything but the deposit, I was impressed. 

The Mirage- A++We had gotten a really good internet special for the Mirage so we opted to stay there rather then Treasure Island. The room was beautiful as was the hotel and the housekeeping was fantastic. Our friends back home even had champagne and strawberries sent to our room and they said it was easy to get done. The real reason I am so happy with the Mirage, is that we decided to leave a day earlier than we had originally booked and paid for due to the snow. My husband told them this at the front desk and they refunded us the $ for that night we had already paid for. We did not expect this and thought it was very classy and kind.

Re: Reviews from 12/28- very long!

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