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Gift opening

Hi everyone!

I am not sure the etiquette of gift openings for a DW.  Should I hold one in Vegas or should I have one when I get home? 

Re: Gift opening

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    I had never heard of the "Gift Opening" tradition until I moved to wisconsin 5 years ago. So I bet a lot of the posters on this board may not know what you are taling about... but I do :)

    I am hoping people will have the sense to send our gifts to our house so we don't have to figure out how to get them all back home on a plane. If you have your heart set on a "Gift Opening" party/brunch I would wait until you get home just because I bet many of your guests will not bring them to LV.
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    Ditto PP...we dont do that type of thing in my area.  Im guessing most will either bring a card or have shipped directly to our house.
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    I've heard of them and I think they're as awkward as the money dance, but just like that, in some cultures, areas of the country, families, they're expected, so really it's up to you.  I personally would not want to open gifts in front of everyone and try to put on a show.

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    I never heard of this tradition, Only at my shower did i open up gifts in front of people... (I am from S.FL) However i have been to a wedding circa '05 where the reception host did the money dance and squeezed guest for more money endlessly!!! 
    In our Invites we had a pocket info card, w/ map and on the other side we mention "no boxed gifts, due to travel" and also on wedding website.
    I got 90% of gifts in money, checks and wire transfers =D 
    I did get a few gifts, some mailed to my Mothers home (i live overseas) and ONE Gift at the table which was not boxed ;)
    At the airport i paid $50 b/c my checked baggage waas really heavy... So less "gifts" better!

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    Thanks for your help!  I am going to skip this tradition

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