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Cosmopolitan vs. Mandalay Bay In-Suite

Hey LV Knotties!

I am already booked at the IP SilverySky Chapel for my ceremony, but I am utterly TORN APART when it comes to my in-suite reception. I know, I'm so indecisive! GOD!

I have booked the Vista Suite at the MB already, but the Cosmopolitan keeps calling my name. I am a BLING WH*RE. I feel like I'm cheating on my FI with the Chandelier Bar. The view and the outside factor of the wraparound terrace suite make me have an organism (intentional typo).

We are doing the DD bus from the ceremony to the ______(reception).

It's between a private room at Wicked Spoon buffet and an in-suite cocktail reception in the wraparound terrace (we will book the adjoining one bedroom terrace suite as well).


Heavy apps by Masterpiece Catering at the Vista Suite at MB.

We "expect" about 42 guests, including 4 kids who will be fully accounted for.

Food is important to my man, bling and a fun party atmosphere is most important to me, and music is important to us both. Not just something "everyone else" would do.

I REALLY am desperate for advice at this point. If ONLY the Cosmo had a suite to fit more people AS WELL as the wraparound terrace.

Love, Krista.

Re: Cosmopolitan vs. Mandalay Bay In-Suite

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    I really love those Cosmo suites; the view from a wrap around balcony just kicks ass.  I'd stay there for the balcony alone lol.

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    krisstyle12krisstyle12 member
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    OMG, I know!!! My ONLY fear is that it won't be large enough for my party. In which case we can turn cocktail party into SHOTS and just hit the Chandelier or another club?? Size matters, clearly..LOL!

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    xtanne12386xtanne12386 member
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    Well I a, getting married in 24 days having my reception at the wicked spoon (private room) and having drinks in our wrap around terrace suite....I ll have reviews, I m so happy about it and don't have any thoughts of changing it....I love the chandeliers, can't get enough! We have 70 guests and I know not everyone will go to the back to the suite, and if they do, and if it's too crowded I am sure we ll venture out to the casino floor and the chandelier bar.I had seen a post from someone who had the wrap around 25 people, had room for dancing, Elvis....
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    Krissstyle-- sounds great to me too, but I think you may have too many people. I have the same number of guests as you and had to nix the idea. But, the above poster may be able to give some better reviews. I have looked at You Tube videos and I dont think 40 can fit... Just my opinion though! Hopefully xtanne12386 proves us wrong! Tongue out
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    They do have an unadvertised 2 bedroom suite that is almost 1700 sq ft, not sure about the price, BUT there is no terrace. Ugh...24 days till xtanne12386's wedding!!! Can I wait that long? Gotta get these invites out the door...
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Cosmopolitan vs. Mandalay Bay In-Suite</a>:
    [QUOTE]They do have an unadvertised 2 bedroom suite that is almost 1700 sq ft, not sure about the price, BUT there is no terrace. Ugh...24 days till xtanne12386's wedding!!! Can I wait that long? Gotta get these invites out the door...
    Posted by krisstyle12[/QUOTE]

    You don't need to send invites this early.  You can send STDs at 6-9 months out, but they're not required (you can send them at 4 months if you want).  You can wait until 8 weeks out to send your invites.
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    Thanks, MYCHERYL! I have no clue about this stuff. STDs (I hate that acronym) are going out next week. It's all so exciting and nerve-wracking.
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    I wanted the cosmo so bad too for the same reason but we ended up booking the Vista suite due to the number of guests we're having (36). I don't think the Cosmo is big enough for a party of 25 or more comfortably. 
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    Oops, I meant NYCheryl...

    ANACO9, you are one of my inspirations on the board...FYI...

    The Cosmo told me that of we wanted to entertain 30-35 people, we would need to book the adjoining One Bedroom Terrace suite as well. We were already planning on doing that for the kids.

    So far my itinerary reads: 2 hour hosted cocktail strip tour on the DD bus followed by 2 hour private room dining at the Wicked Spoon..(That's 4 hours right there). Then it says "Following dinner, guests are welcome to join us for cocktails and music in our suite." So basically people will be on their own after dinner and can choose to join us or not, thus not putting so much emphasis on the suite being the reception. I think 4 hours is plenty for a reception, so the suite will just be a little extra.

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    I had my reception in the wrap around terrance suite in Feb.  I had 25 people, dancing, Elvis and we had LOTS of room.  Everyone stayed inside as it was cold on the terrnace, so if you have 42 with nice weather you will have plenty of room.  There aren't enough seats for everyone, but it wasn't a problem for us.  Everyone either danced or stood around chatting.  The view is worth every penny.  Also, Cosmo has a "wow" factor that will impress your guests (especially those that are new to Vegas).  Go to you tube and search for the wrap around terrace suite- the videos from previous guests are very helpful!  Also, Cosmo feels like it is in the middle of the strip and more accessable to other hotels, so guests will have an easier time getting back to their own hotels/finding a party after yours has fizzled out. 
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    I was also thinking about the wrap around terrace at the Cosmopolitan. I am in love with the way it looks and the view is awesome. I can image a fabulous reception up there at night. Does anyone have pricing for a reception there? Any reviews on it?
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