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Hi ladies!!! Some of you may remember me lurking a while back.  My husband and I were married on June 19th in Beautiful Las Vegas. I thought I'd leave some reviews for those of you interested!

The Chapel of Flowers: A+++  We loved this chapel.  My older brother was married there in 1999, so I knew I wanted to go there too.  We had a few hiccups in the planning process, but all in all if you get a hold of the right people, you will be satisfied.  The pictures from the chapel came out great too.  We only bought a few extra outside of the ones that came with our package, but we are very pleased.

Monte Carlo: A  We stayed on the strip for the first 2 nights of our trip.  It was nice, everyone was helpful.  All in all, it's not the most spectacular hotel I've ever seen but it was definitely a great price and a nice place to stay for a few nights. 

Cake - Dunkin Donuts A+++++++++++ ( I can't give enough pluses)  Hubby and I are big DD fans.  We found one and asked if they would allow us to take pictures inside. (our first date we had coffee at a DD) We also planned to purchase a dozen donuts instead of having wedding cake.  The manager said we could absolutey take pictures inside, but she also gave us thermal cups for us to give our guests and they made us a monster donut wedding cake.  It was huge and crazy, but pretty good.  We love the good people at DD. (pic below)

Photographer - Brandon Collup with Gin and Sake Productions: A++++  Brandon is awesome.  I found him online a while ago, we talked several times before the wedding and he was very helpful.  He offered ideas and answer any questions we had not just about photography but about Las Vegas in general.  He has a unique style that we loved and he even threw in a pin up shoot for me the day before.  We just got our pics from him yesterday and we LOVE them. I would definitely recommend him.

Lunch/Reception - Nine Fine Irishmen in the New York New York: A++++  We only had a few people come to Vegas with us, just a few friends.  So we knew we weren't going to have a huge blowout reception. We just wanted good food and drinks and have a laid back fun time.  The staff was great and the food sooooo good.  (Please try the smoked salmon crustinis!)  They had a preformer that started after we arrived.  He played some Irish songs, but some regular songs also.  Patrick asked if he would play a song for us so we could dance and he did.  He didn't know our song but he sang Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton, and it was great.

Dinner - Magiannos: A+ We wanted to have some time alone the evening of our wedding, so we snuck away for a romantic dinner.  We were still pretty full from lunch, but we each had a salad and we shared the Chicken and Spinach manicotti.  The restaurant gave us a free bottle of wine and free dessert.  It was really nice.  A couple of old men even came by an serranaded us with The Way You Look Tonight. It was sweet.

The Golden Nugget: A+++ We decided to switch hotels for the remainder of our stay.  Patrick had seen the pool online and had to go down the waterslide.  All in all it is a fantastic hotel. We stayed in a room in the Rush Tower, which is brand new.  It's gorgeous!!!  It was a great place for us to spend our honeymoon. We had a few hiccups there, our DVD player wasn't hooked up  (not really a big deal) and we couldn't use the pool one day because a kid pooped in it.  They have a private pool but it's a little pricey to go to.  The staff was wonderful, I wish the rest of downtown was as nice as the Golden Nugget.

SHOW- The Rat Pack Is Back:  A+++++++  I, myself, am a huge Rat Pack Fan.  So we went to see this show at the Plaza downtown.  While the hotel itself seems a little shady, the show was AWESOME!  It's hysterical and the Frank & Dino impersonators were great.  I am looking forward to seeing this show again, I would recommend anyone go.  They have a dinner you can do before hand, we didn't, but I think it's resonably priced. 

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