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Welcome Bags...

So, I see on a lot of boards about welcome bags, I have a few questions...

How many people are doing/did them?
How did you get them there? we are coming in from Canada and will have about 65 ppl
What did you put in them?
How much did they cost you?
Are they necessary?  

Thanks for any input!
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Re: Welcome Bags...

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    We are doing welcome bags for our 32 guests. Although I don't think they're necessary, I do think they're a nice touch. I'm still a little undecided what to put in them but so far we have decided to do a "hang over kit" including Advil, pepto, emergenc, ect, we also had a map and itinerary made on etsy. I'm thinking we'll also include snack type items and maybe cake pops since we won't be having a cake. We are bringing most of the stuff with us in our luggage unassembled and we plan on passing them out at our meet and greet to avoid any mix ups and additional fees with the hotel. Hope that helps!
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  • We are doing 1 per family/couple so we will have about 9.
    I didn't want to pay to ship anything so for my favors and my welcome bags I prepared everything so that it is ready for assemble when we arrive. as less assembled items will take up less space in suitcase. for the bags I decorated the bags, but have left them folded up for travel. I cut the ribbon that will tie the bag. Then rolled it up for easy travel. I will have a schedule of events that will go in the bag, along with a deck of cards for each bag. FI was given 30 brand new packs of cards so we figured its vegas and they are free so we will throw them in. everything else we are guying to buy when we arrive such as a snack, water bottles, gum, etc.
    I am hoping not to spend much on the bags.
    No its not necessary, I mainly did it so I had something to give them with their schedule of events instead of just handing them a piece of paper.
  • I'm from Ohio and I have 50 people going to Las Vegas for my September wedding. So I'm having the same problem! I plan on doing welcome bags for everyone. I will also be doing a hangover kit with advil, pepto and emergenc. I saw someone do mini bottles of tomato juice, Tabasco sauce and vodka and wrap it in cellophane for Bloody Mary's, but I don't know how to get them to Vegas... ship them maybe? When I arrive in Vegas I plan on buying water bottles and some snacks to fill up the rest of the bag.
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