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Nevada-Las Vegas


Congrats again!

So what the hell do we do regarding our marriage license/change our name here (if you're changing it)?  Are we supossed to do something with the license that the witness signed, or did my officiant take that and he mails it in? (I need to find the envelople, it's somewhere).

Also, can we change our drivers license now, or do I have to wait until we get whatever in the mail from NV?

TIA, figured I'd ask a fellow Minnesotan:)

Re: **Eddiegusgus**

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    I am going to be changing my last name. I just got something in the mail from LV saying that I need to order an official certificate (the one from the wedding is not official enough). So I am going to do that online and once I get that in the mail I will get my license, social, bank stuff, etc changed. I'm not going to attempt to change anything until I receive that official paperwork.

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  • Sara191431Sara191431
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    Thanks! Ordered cert today!
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