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So I'm leaving tomorrow for Vegas and am trying to work on a fun playlist to get ready to the day of the wedding.  Any ideas on what I should include on it?  I want some upbeat songs but some vegas-y ones too.  TIA

Re: music

  • ellenalabamaellenalabama member
    edited December 2011
    Hmmm, what kind of music do you like?  Girls just wanna have fun(Cindy Lauper), I'm here for the party (Gretchen Wilson),  Viva las vegas (Elvis),  I'm coming out (Pink), Crazy (Pit Bull), Waking up in Vegas (Katy Perry), Fergalicious, My Humps (Fergie)

    HTH!  Congrats!!!!!!

    Edit:  How about the soundtrack from the movie the Hangover?
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