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I need help!

I am getting married @ COF on April 12, 2013 I am wanting to have my reception at the Aria buffet but their cupcakes pp is $8.90 for my reception. I am not paying $9 for cupcakes. I was wondering if anyone knows of any buffet places that you can bring in outside food such as cakes. I dont want it catered by Masterpiece Cuisine they quoted me over $1k for 32 people.

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    I doubt there's any buffets that let you bring your own food....
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    We're going back to the room for cupcakes after dinner. Easier and cheaper that way for us!

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    Thanks coopsbaby! Excellent idea for cupcakes back in hotel room
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    [QUOTE]I dont want it catered by Masterpiece Cuisine they quoted me over $1k for 32 people.
    Posted by cindarelldoll[/QUOTE]

    Say ARIA buffet charges you $25 per person, which is a guess because I have no idea how much they really charge.  That's $800 per person without gratuity and tax, but another $144 for gratuity and another $64 for tax.  So you're over $1K either way and the Aria buffet doesn't have the best reviews on Yelp as far as taste goes.

    Masterpiece's quote is a little more than $31 per person without having to worry about tax and gratuity.  The food will probably be better I can almost guarantee.

    That said, some venues will let you bring in your own food for a service charge or cake cutting fee if you don't go with their preferred vendor.  So after paying that it might put you back up there for $9 a slice of cake/cupcake.
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