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Has anyone gotten a dress from this website?? Just wondering if they are good quality, pretty, etc. The prices are in my budget but just wanted to here some real life opinions if anyone has used this website!   (I posted this on the attire board too, just wanted to post it here too since this board has been so helpful!)
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Re: InWeddingDress.com

  • Nope, I've never heard of that site before. I think you might want to ask around on the attire board about that one.
  • Never heard of that one. But, BRIDE BEWARE: Most of those sites are REALLY BAD knock offs from China! I'd stay away! JMO. DId you check out the sticky (post with the blue thumb tack, if you dont know what a "sticky" is) at the top of the Attire & Accessories board? They have a good list of sites that are KNOWN to be frauds. (They dont cover them all though, so just because the site isnt listed, doesnt mean they are safe to buy from.) Using the internet is a great way to shop styles/designers, and figure out what you like. But...its risky to buy a dress online from the unknown. They will post a photo from the designer...and then "make it" for you. Youre usually not getting what you think youre ordering, and end up with something that looks like an 8th grade Home Ec class project!  And then, its nearly impossible to get a refund from China. I havent looked, but I'd bet you'll find info/horror stories to back me up, on YOUTUBE.

    If youre looking to save money on a dress online, you'd be better off looking on second-hand sites. They are samples/previously owned gowns from girls that are selling the dress theyve already worn. IMO, that is safer than these Rip-off sites. Look into Ebay, Recycled Bride, or Once Wed, before you buy from these online sites. Good luck finding your dream dress!  :) 
    {Formally Hiltonsgirl}
  • Don't buy from there!  They're part of a big knock off retailer called Milanoo that are notorious for producing crap replicas.

    There are a few Chinese replica makers that can make a decent product with reviews over on the attire board, but Milanoo are not one of them.  They also make other high fashion dress replicas under other aliases, and I know quite a few people in some of the fashion communities I hang in that have received some of the most ridiculously sewn stuff by them.
  • Thank for the advice ladies! I will keep looking!!
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