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Planning a September 2012 Vegas wedding and need help!

Hello Vegas Knotties!!

I am helping a newly engaged friend, collect some info on her destination Vegas wedding! Her budget is to stay under $10,000 for around 50 guests for everything. With her date of September 22nd 2012, it doesnt give us much time. If you ladies could please recommend a good photographer, videoagrapher and venue that would be fantastic.

Does anyone have any info on the Luxor weddings/receptions? That was one location that seemed reasonably priced and the chapel was not out dated. Any info or suggestions you can provide us is greatly appreciated! Unfortunately she will not be visiting Vegas before the wedding, so we are hoping to get as much info as we can from you ladies.

Thanks a ton Smile

Re: Planning a September 2012 Vegas wedding and need help!

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    Can't be of too much help planning-wise but I did just do a room block there for our guests and the rates for June are awesome! They were super helpful and accomdating!

    Also, one of the great things about Vegas is that it is an entertainment city, they can put together in six months (or less) what takes other places over a year to plan... so dont stress! :)

    Congrats to your friend! you will get some great advice from this board! GoodLuck!

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    congrats! we're getting married the following weekend! Sept 29th. We're doing package at The Platinum Hotel - just off strip. We found out about it through these boards - so definitely start looking through here to get some ideas. Originally we thought about an in suite, but the numbers kept going up so here we are! We're not doing a big sit down dinner only because we want people to boogie it up and not be too weighed down by a 3 or 4 course meal.

    We have Retro doing the cake / cupcakes, Shutterbooth for a photobooth, travis allen doing the elvis thing, Lori White is doing hair and makeup - still haven't booked our hotels or flights yet, the deals haven't really come out yet.

    Make sure you get your venue booked and your dress ordered and eveyrthing else will start happening! I am loving the planning process myself, so enjoy every minute!
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    lol as soon as I hit send i realized you're posting for a friend - all of the info applies except for her! :)
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    This has been the most helpful board by far. I have found all my vendors just from searching through here. I suggest just reading thru some posts to get a start. Once she figures out what "type" of wedding she wants it will make it easier. 10k is definately doable.
    We are getting married at platinum hotel, it has a modern feel and we can still have a wedding like we would at home but in vegas! 100 people buffet style under 10k (videoographer included).
    Using DJ Godzilla, found him from the boards....great prices
    Retro bakery cupcakes
    Wilson and Bently photography (GREAT prices!)
    Francesa Lombardo for hair and makeup
    Debi-fit for a bride to steam my dress
    Going to do a double decker bus tour (that way everyone can come!) for the rehearsal dinner, beer and cheeseburgers on the bus! $135 a hour!

    I almost went with Caesars palace and insuite reception. Seems like it works out for a lot of ladies on here. Mandalay Bay is popular too. For receptions- i see maggianos and Joes posted a lot. Hope that helps!
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    Just an FYI, the chapel is literally in the food court
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    And we are way under 10k with our Mandalay ceremony and stardust reception. The only outside vendors I needed were photo, DJ, and cake (Todd, all night long and lvcc)
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