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Hi Vegas Knotties!!  I need some advice.  My man and I are headed to Vegas for a few days after the wedding for a short honeymoon.  We have the hotel taken care of, and a pretty good idea of what shows we want to see.  My main question is, we know we really want to check out Zumanity.  This early out (we're going in Sept), we basically have our choice of seats.  So, would the best seats be front row Orchestra, or front row Mezzanine?  Is it better up close, or better with a little distance?

We're also planning on seeing Jubilee and Sin City Comedy - does anyone have any experience with those?  Are they good?  Other shows that are on the list of possibilities are V and Marriage Can Be Murder - any recommendations on those?  Any must-do activities?  My fiance has never been to Vegas, and I've only been once with my parents, so we want to do it right!  Any recommendations at all (activities, must-see landmarks, restaurants, clubs, etc) would be much appreciated!

Oh!  I also signed up for Group On in Vegas, and they have a V Theater Ultimate Nightlife pass for $50 per pass (I guess it's usually 100+) - should I snag it?  Is it worth it?  My fiance and I definitely want to experience some clubs, but he's 30, and I'm almost there, so we aren't suuuuper into the party scene.

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    When I saw Zumanity, we were in the super cheap balcony seats and had a great view!  The theatre is very small, so anywhere you sit it probably fine.  If you look at the floorplan for the theatre, you don't want seats on either eide of the stage, as it does jut out intt the middle of the theatre.  I think you would miss part of the show looking at it from the side.

    Can't help you on your other questions. Good Luck!
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    I can suggest Lion King.  I saw that last weekend and it was awesome.  For that show we had side seats but the first one right next to the aisle and it was perfect!
    I also want to see Zumanity but we are waiting until December. I can't help with anything else; I'm sorry.  Good luck!
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    [QUOTE]When I saw Zumanity, we were in the super cheap balcony seats and had a great view! 
    Posted by queenklm33[/QUOTE]

    This is where we were. 2nd row balcony. I prefer to sit a little ways back at any of the Cirque shows. There's always so much going on onstage that up close it's hard to take it all in.
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    Other activities:
    fountains at Bellagio
    Sigfred & Roys Secret Garden (lions, tigers and dolphins)
    Sirens of TI (cheesy but free)
    Fremont Street Experience

    Olives @ Bellagio
    TnT @ Luxor
    Burger Bar @ Mandalay Place
    The Pub @ Monte Carlo
    World Buffet @ Rio

    and most clubs pass out free entry passes during the day if you walk through the hotel. I don't think the pass would be worth it unless you plan on doing major club hopping.
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