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OBX Wedding - Where to begin? Can it be done?

My story goes a bit like this -

My fiancee & I got engaged December 20, 2012. Orginally we began planning a grande & elaborate ballroom winter-wonderland wedding for December 2013. We realized (just this week) that that just isn't us. We had many problems figuring out what we wanted and we realized that we were trying to instill a sense of tradition and formality, but it really wasn't what we wanted.

So we discussed everything and came to the conclusion that what we want is a beach wedding at the OBX. We want the ceremony on the beach, and the reception either at a beach house or on the beach as well. We had everything figured out the day we changed our ideas to this - everything! We know what we want for the ceremony, the officiant, the flowers, the cake, the food, everything.

The problem is that we are on a strict budget and we want it to be this year. This leaves 6-7 months for everything. We have no clue where to begin or even if what we want is feasible. We've contacted a few wedding planners but only one replied and the answers weren't very helpful.

We've finally figured out the wedding of our dreams and now we feel like it can't happen. It's extremely upsetting.

Any advice or suggestions would be so greatly apprecieated.

Re: OBX Wedding - Where to begin? Can it be done?

  • We are kind of in the same position. We are getting married on Topsail Island. Which personally I think is a lot cheaper than the OBX. We are on an eextremely tight budget as well. If you look at Surf City they have a center that is right on the beach for $600.
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  • We got married in the OBX on a $5000.00 budget.  It's totally doable...tough but doable.  We got engaged Valentines Day 2011 and got married 6 months later.  I planned from the time we got engaged to the day before the wedding and did alot of DIY.  The first thing you need to do is sit down and figure out your budget and what you're willing to spend on your dress, flowers, food, cake, venue, photographer, etc and go from there.
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