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Best places for mani/pedis for a group in Raleigh/Durham?

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a nail salon? I had a place in mind that I used to go to when I was in school at UNC, but I don't think it will be best for a group and just found out my mom and bridesmaids want to come along at the same time. We're staying nearer to Raleigh/Cary, anyone have any great places?
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Re: Best places for mani/pedis for a group in Raleigh/Durham?

  • I am using Nail Time in Cary.  I had some trouble with this also.
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  • Thanks! I'll check them out. I live in Chicago now, which is making it more difficult than I anticipated! :P
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  • I go to Salon Bliss in Fuquay. It's about 20ish minutes from Cary. I believe depending on what you're having done, they'll even bring in refreshments / treats (at least they did when I went to get my hair done for our wedding, with my mom, sister and BM).

    I'm sure there are others in the Cary / Raleigh area, but nothing else is coming to mind at the moment. If you've got some free time, I would may call around and see what different places can offer / at what cost.

    Have fun! :)
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  • Have you gotten your nails done there? Worth calling, I suppose. I've been keeping a spreadsheet with rates to try to compare.

    I'm hoping someone can give me a good place that won't break the bank closer to Cary.
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    I did, however it was back in 2010 so I know they've changed staff a little since then.
    I went and got my nails done a couple days prior to our wedding with two of my BMs. We had fun and it was a nice and relaxing experience.
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  • not sure if you found a place alredy but mani pedi at brier creek is a really great place.
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