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Check...Check...Check! (Long Vent Post-sorry!)

So we finally decided on a place and time for our Vegas wedding....July 30, 2011.

We have booked Caesar's Palace, Venus Garden. (Bella Luna package). Check.

We have booked Todd Wilson for the day. Check.

We have sent out our invites. Check.
Unfortunately, we had to send digital invites and I know this may be super duper tacky and cheap (which is definately not me! I would have loved to have had beautiful mailed ones) but hear me out.  We live in the order anything and get sent here is an ordeal and if you are lucky to get it you pay loads of duty.  Also, to send out of here (100+ invites) to Canada and the UK (where we are from) would cost a fortune and may never arrive to their destinations in time if at all. Just needed to get that off my chest.  LOL

Oh and I have also just booked a flight to Florida for FI and I in a couple weeks to sort out rings, my dress, accessories and any other extras. 

We don't expect many to attend so we have not booked for the dinner yet...been already in contact with Maggianos.  Also on the list is flights/accom., flowers, cake, hair and makeup, favors and transportation.  Yes all of that! Oh my. Hoping some people show up!!

So much to do, so little time!  Sometimes I think we are crazy.

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Re: Check...Check...Check! (Long Vent Post-sorry!)

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