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Another in suite reception question...

Ok so I'm having between 60-70 guests.  I was originally looking into the Vista Suite or the hospitality suite at Mandalay Bay.  Then i was looking online and saw that the apex suite at PH has a game table but it's sold out for all of September of 2011!!  Does anyone know of any other suite that has any sort of game table?  


Re: Another in suite reception question...

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    Keep checking on the PH suite, there might be an opening. Have you called Planet Hollywood directly about it?
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    The Palms has several different fantasy suites and Hard Rock has one with a bowling lane. Not sure if that was the game you were talking about.
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    Hi Dizzy

    I have been watching suites and prices for the same time (sept 2011) and what I have noticed is that some hotels suites do not come on sale until closer to the date. The have them blocked out until a certain date. I called the PH direct and they had suites in Sept 2 weeks ago and the website was as you said soldout.

    I would say call them! but dont expect any great prices!
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    ok thanks girls!  I'll definitely call them later today!! :)
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