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happy friday morning!

so glad it's the weekend and my last 5-day work week of the year!

FI's aunt, uncle, and two cousins are in town this weekend- usually makes for a pretty wild couple of days, but the break is much needed.

on a side note, i think i am going to buckle down on this registry thing...i've found my china pattern, but since i've been living at home until the wedding, i don't have much of anything else to take once we're married! so i've been debating what to just go ahead and buy, and what to wait and register for..
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Re: happy friday morning!

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    Good morning! My mom graduates from WSSU today. I'm so proud of her cause I know it's taken her a long time to get here. 

    Other than that, not much is going on. FI and I have some errands to run and I'm getting my hair cut.
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    I got a wake up call from my job asking me to come in for a couple of hours. On my day off. After getting a text about work the other day on my day off. Grrr.
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    Its my last 5 day work week of this year too. woohoo!

    I have a very busy wkend planned. I'm meeting a friend for dinner at Cracker Barrel to exchange gifts tonight. Tomorrow my future step-daughter has a bb game. After that I have to head to Raleigh for a family Christmas party. I've also got to find time to do some baking before the party. Then Sun I'm going to Emerald Isle to do Christmas w/my Dad and siblings.

    Looks like I will be burning the roads up this wkend. I love this time of year though. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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    So glad it's Friday!

    This weekend I have 3 holiday parties to go to! I also need to pick up the last few gifts and things I need for Christmas. I love Christmas time!
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    Woo hoo! My Christmas break has officially started!! 2 weeks off!

    Tonight we are meeting some friends for dinner.  Tomorrow is my Christmas shower:)  I can't wait! It'll be good to see some friends I haven't seen in a while, and of course I get to play the part of bride to be!!!
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    It was my last 5 day work week too!!  Total excitement!  Too bad I have to get through the weekend too!

    I think I am going to get on the cookie-baking bandwagon this weekend and may try my hand at truffles this weekend since I've sat around and done absolutely nothing tonight!
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    I officially finshed my semester today. I swear, it will be nice to not have to worry about school for a couple weeks.

    We are going to my grandmas tomorrow to do Christmas, and I must admit, I am excited. We will get some shopping done tomorrow too. Other than that, we have no plans.

    FI is already asleep, poor thing was exausted, so I am sitting here listening to him snore as I watch King of the Hill.
    Awesome friday night, lol..
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