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anyone stayed at Planet Hollywood recently?

Just wondering if anyone has stayed at PH recently and if so what did you think about it?
I am planning on having my in-suite reception there next April and was going to be styaing there for the week of my wedding.  Howver, some friends of mine went a few weeks ago and we not impressed with the hotel at all.  They said both their rooms we not cleaned properly (found empty beer cans under their beds!) and that the staff were unhelpful, not at all like unsual Vegas standards.
I really like this hotel and am hoping this is just down to the changeover with Harrahs but am a bit concerned about recommeneding it to my guests who've never been to Vegas before.

Any advice would be great

Re: anyone stayed at Planet Hollywood recently?

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    I personally have not stayed at Planet Hollywood, but my brother and sister-in-law recently stayed there about a month ago and were not impressed with the cleaning either.  They ended up changing hotels after the first night.
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    Might have had something to do with the change over to Harrah's - like disgruntled staff...? I would imagine it's only gong to get better now that Harrah's is officially in there and running the show.
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    I haven't stayed there myself but getting married there in May.  Things ARE alittle crazy right now with the merger.  Anyways, check out PH on or expedia for reviews.

    Hope this helps!
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    I just remembered that my parents got comped rooms at PH for the night before and the night of my wedding. So FI and I have a Panorama suite and Ma and Pa have Hollywood Hip Rooms. I will let you know how things look while we are there! (next week!!!!!)

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    I did not stay at PH but DH & I had an AMAZING experience there. Reviews at the bottom of this website....
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    we stayed there Tues-Sat for the wedding, as well as had our in-suite reception in their APEX and LOVED PH!! We had Zero complaints, and nothing but RAVE reviews, same with about 20 other people who stayed at PH for our wedding. 

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    Thanks for all the replies.  Up until a few weeks ago I've heard nothing but good things.  Looked on Trip Advisor yesterday and there were a lot of bad reviews.  But hoping its maybe just a settling in period with Harrahs thats the problem.
    2BMrsMcW  would be grreat to hear how you get on - have a fantastic time in Vegas x x x
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