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only 2

We are getting married in vegas, however there will only be the 2 of us, can you please suggest places to go after the ceremony to prolong our special day. We would like to hav e some drinks and I want a first dance ect, but where do you go when there is only you and him. thanks

Re: only 2

  • bwinkoppbwinkopp member
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    You can do the ceremony on the gondola in the vanitian for a tiny ceremony for just the two of you, and if it is just the two of you, I would reccomend getting a nice honeymoon suite in one of the hotels and just dance the night away there. 

    You can always go to a show or do a date night at a riske show!  We saw Bite at Stratosphere and I was expecting jsut a trashy topless show and I actually really enjoyed it....It would hurt me with the jumping those girls did!

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