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How many out-of-town guests should we expect?

We are working on our guest list right now and we are waaaay over the number that we want to be at.  We want no more than 80, but our lists combined are at 120 -- and most of it is family!  How many should we expect won't be able to make it?  I've heard 25% to 30% but I'm worried because we can only have so many in order to accomodate a DJ. 


Re: How many out-of-town guests should we expect?

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    Cut your list to what you want.  I wouldn't go over.
    Trust me we invited too many because fiance added about 20 at last minute and as RSVPs come in I am stressing.

    Everyone on here will tell you to only invite what you can afford/fit for this reason.
    You just never know....ESPECIALLY with Vegas. :)
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    That's what I thought.  Would it be OK to have an informal RSVP with the Save the Date, for instance have a website and ask people to respond if they know they can't come?  That way we can have more "plus ones" for our siblings, friends, etc. 

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    I wouldn't recommend because even if they RSVP now, things could change or vice versa.  Also it leads to making others "B Listers" where you run the risk of them finding out others were invited before them.  

    I think you just need to invite only the number you are comfortable with, I wouldn't go much over.  The odds are 100% aren't going to come but save yourself the stress.

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    We are over too! At 135ish! Ughhhhh dread. Love that so many want to be there but I'm kinda pooping my pants right now. And I don't think the soft RSVP is such a good idea.... It will probably only give you false peace of mind as we've had several wafflers who are now allllllll about coming... With their SOs! Work it down to the absolute number. It sucks now but you'll be breathing easy later! Promise! Either that or rebudget items/etc in order to invite everyone you want. We've all been there at one point or another. Feel your pain! Goodluck!
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    We're going to try and work on the number tonight....I just feel really guilty about cutting family.  :(

    We're trying to keep the reception in the resort, which is why we settled on Postrio.  I am starting to wonder if we should just invite more, but then the food & beverage minimums jump significantly...our only other options would be Bouchon or Pinot Brassiere which both require a $15k minimum without tax & service.   

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    We were over 80% positive rsvp's and about 110 came, so you really can't predict what will happen when Vegas is involved and should only invite those you can accommadate.

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