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Outdoor wedding in December - Crazy?

Is it a crazy idea to have a wedding in December outside? I am thinking like Juno Garden or Flamingo gardens. I am just so torn btwn chapels. There is not one I love. I like IP, Mandalay. I am almost positive our reception will be at Joes. I like the thought of getting married outside though. Not sure though it is worth it for my guests or me.

Re: Outdoor wedding in December - Crazy?

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    It gets pretty windy during the winter.  I was in Vegas this past Dec., Feb. and March and it was pretty chilly each time.  [For perspective, I'm originally from Chicago...]  If you really want to have an outdoor ceremony, make sure it is during the day so you can have some sun!
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    I was there in Dec a couple of years ago, and it was fairly nice during the day, but as kristin said, windy and kinda drizzly. Not sure I'd want to have an outdoor wedding. Maybe in the fall?
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    I love vegas in the winter. 60 and sunny is perfect. If you did it betweern 12 and 2 you'll get the hottest sun. At night though u will be pretty brrrrrrrrrr. Were getting married at Juno Gardens and if it rains you can pick a chapel inside.
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    Ok, good to know. : the date is pretty much set in stone, it has significance. So now I just need to decide on a chapel. I am leaning towards IP, I like the modern look but not sure really. I am indecisive....
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    Here's a thought: O'Shea's is being torn down next month and I've heard (don't know truth) that parts of IP will be affected.  There will probably be construction going on b/c they are putting a new development in there.  This may or may not make it a little obnoxious for you & your guests.
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    I've been in Vegas in Dec for the past 3yrs. Two yrs ago was pretty chilly, but I was there this past Dec (early Dec and after xmas-before new yrs), both times wasn't too cold. Ceremonies are short and sweet, so if you have it during the afternoon it won't be too bad.

    If you'll have your reception at Joes, you won't have to think of transportation if you have your ceremony at Caesars or even at IP. Have you checked out the chapels at Caesars? I loved the look of the Classico.
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    Yeah, I guess that is what I was thinking, that the ceremony would be pretty short. I an just not the biggest fanof their chapels personal taste. I am worried about IP in general not really the chapel. And the lady I have been speaking to about IP is slow to respond and not very helpful. I really wish I could do a day trip but I don't think I really can. :
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    I've lived here for 5 years and I find December to be the coldest month of the year here. Some years aren't as bad as others but in 2008 it snowed pretty hard in Mid December in Vegas.
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