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Tell me about Little Chapel of the West...
How many guests did you have?
How many people in the wedding party?
Was it too close to the airport?
Walking distance to MB?
Anything else you can think of would be great!

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    I had about 79 guests total. 3 did not make it in time for the ceremony so they were locked out. It was definitly tight but they fit and there were a few people standing in back. I chose to not have any wedding party, but with my package (975 ish) I believe it came with 3 on each side, and I am not sure if you are able to add more.

    It is close to the airport, like right behind it is where the little planes are stationed. But the 3 times that I have been there I have never heard any airport noise, I think it is not near the runways. I am not sure how for of a drive from the terminals it is though, I have never been to the airport, but I cant imagine it would be more than 10 minutes.

    It is walking distance to the MB, I think it would probably be less than a 10 minute walk. It is also walking distance from the LV sign, which is always fun.

    All in all it is a great place, I kind of got passed off to another coordinator, who was terrible at returning any emails or noting anything that she had told me. The other thing that bugged me was that they were trying to rush me into starting, like we had a time of 4:30, and at 4:20 they are like "ITS TIME LETS GO!!!" And I just stared them down and told them no I am not starting until 4:30, I knew people were going to be running late! Also they said they would have the webcam running 20 minutes after the ceremony, and my poor 80 year old grandma and all of my family from Scotland stayed up to watch it and they never loaded it until 4pm the next day, after 2 calls from me.

    BUT the good outweighs the bad for sure, my flowers were amazing, and the photos turned out surprisingly good.

    Did I miss anything??!!? :)

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    Thanks for all the info!!! I really appreciate it :)
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