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MB Vista Suite Reception help!

Hi everyone! 
I'm looking for some help from other brides that have had a reception in the vista suite at Mandalay Bay.  Could you share your experiances, opinions, what worked and what didn't, etc?  One real concern I have is where the iPod dock is, how the sound quality was and if we can use it as our main source of music?  I'm also worried about the number of people that will fit in the suite.  We aren't really planning on a lot of dancing, although there may be some if the mood strikes, but would 60ish people fit ok?

Thanks so much for your help!!


Re: MB Vista Suite Reception help!

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    I am planning on using the Vista Suite and If you look in my siggy there is the list of all of the Knotties and there are bio's with some great review and pic's to give you ideas....Here are a few..

    Hope that helps Laughing
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    easton23easton23 member
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    I got married in the Vista Suite and had our reception there as well.  We had 54 guest and it was perfect.  I do think 60 would be fine also.  Our IPod dock was in the bedroom, so my dh moved it into the living room.  Then the next day we just put it back.  The sound was ok, we had dancing and everyone could hear the music with no problem.  We had food catered from Masterpiece and brought up all of our own drinks, well the bell hops did.  They were all so great about bring up everything even the cake.  We had such a great time so did all of our guest and I would not have changed one thing.  Like pp said my bio is up if you want to take a look.  And of course you can always email me if you have any other questions.  I know how worried I was thinking of how it was all going to work.  Good luck
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    Thank you both so much for your help! 

    easton23 - I probably will email you with some questions.  I appreciate you being so willing to help me!

    Thanks again :-)
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    AngieBee25AngieBee25 member
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    Tho I did not actually have my reception there I did keep my reservation for the same date (we eloped earlier).  I kept it for our return trip which we spent at THEhotel and had this one day that was supposed to be the recep as a special night for our 6 year to the day we met anniversary.

    ... it turned out HORRIBLE!

    Good thing we eloped! The reception was supposed to have started at almost 4  But when I started calling to check in at 12 they kept telling me "soon."  Finally, at 6:30pm they call me saying it's okay to check in and that 3pm is only the "courtesey" checkin time and not guaranteed.

    We get to the room and before we even enter we see a mess of sheets, towels, and plates (with blunts in them!) that room service still hadn't picked up!  Inside is nice and very roomy... but it turns out that the iPod system that we would have used wasn't working, the remote for practically everything in the room kept scrolling on it's own and wasn't workable and were told nothing could be done about it.

    Add in that the mega screen's speakers only worked on one side, 80% of the view was the airport, windows were dirty, and there was suspicious staining on the lounge chair in the bedroom... and I had had it!

    Not even two hours in there and I was downstairs with my list of complaints wanting my money back! Mind you, we were also paying for our room in THEhotel which was MUCH nicer (so we wouldn't have to lug our stuff back and forth)... but they still wouldn't give me all my money back.  So we slept there and by 10am we had housekeeping knocking!

    The guy at the desk was super nice, was really understanding, and comped us most-not all- the costs.... but I couldn't believe the crappy state and view I got for having made the reservation 9 months earlier and having my planner let them know that it might be for a reception.

    The desk guy said that the room you get counts on when you check in... not when you reserve.  So some other posh people had taken the other vistas days before and were still in them and I got stuck waiting for a bunch of pothead to stop fooling around and get out... and he made it sound like there was no way of getting around it!

    So, moral: talk to your WC to make sure NONE of this goes down during your day or don't do it!
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