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MGM Grand - Celebrity Spa Suite vs Tower Spa Suite vs Hollywood Suite?

Hey guys,
I (think) I've gotten our choices for our Wedding/Honeymoon hotel narrowed down to the MGM Grand.  They seem to have the most reasonable rates for rooms with a big bath tub!

However, besides the promo pics on the MGM webiste I can find very little info on these suites. 

Has anyone stayed in any of these suites and have opinions or suggestions? (Pics would be great too).  Its hard to tell anything with the 2 promo pics that the MGM puts online. 

Just lay it all out there, the good, the bad and/or the ugly. How are the locations of these rooms, decor, etc.... I've been to Vegas several times but I've never stated at the MGM. 

We also looked at the Flamingo but something about their bright white and neon pink decor irks me. 

Any other suggestions would be nice too (We are looking to pay less than $1500 for our 11 night stay)  We'd like to have a "spa" type room that at least has a big bath tub.

Trying to pick somewhere to stay when you only have a few pics to look at is frustrating. 

Thanks in advance.
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Re: MGM Grand - Celebrity Spa Suite vs Tower Spa Suite vs Hollywood Suite?

  • First off, is amazing.  You'll be able to browse through literally hundreds of pictures taken by guests who have stayed at that hotel.

    You'll have to look for awhile to find the spa suites, but they're in there (you can also check youtube/google for videos and pics).  I think the tubs are fine at MGM, but not necessarily mind-blowing.  I've not stayed in those specific suites, but I have stayed in another room type at MGM with the same tub.

    As far as other hotels with spa tubs, I'd also consider:

    The Signature at MGM (their rooms are actually about the same price at MGM's rooms right now; this is where we're staying for our weddingmoon)
    Mandalay Bay or THEhotel at Mandalay Bay
    Platinum (off the strip, but very close)
    Monte Carlo
    Golden Nugget (downtown)


  • Thanks Cheryl,
    All this is so confusing!! lol  I have looked at Trip Advisor several times but I have a hard time figuring out what I'm looking at in the pictures since a lot of them aren't labeled well.  I think the "Tower Spa Suite" is a fairly new thing because I can't find anything on that at all. 

    I did check out all of the other ones that you mentioned and I checked this years date since next March's date isn't available for pricing yet and most of them are well over our budget.

    I'm wondering if the "spa" suite is even worth it.  I mean do I want to pay X amount more just to get a big bath tub? 

    Does anyone have any suggestions for some really nice rooms that aren't "spa" rooms.  Something classy and elegant preferably since I will be having some pictures made there (of me doing hair/makeup, etc...) I'd like something a little nicer than your average hotel room but I don't have to go as far as to have a "suite" I guess. 

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • I haven't heard of the Tower Spa Suite... but usually the "tower" refers to the main area of MGM Grand (not the West Wing).

    I'd definitely look into the spa rooms I mentioned above - THEhotel's tubs are insane!  I took two baths a day when we stayed there ;)

    If you're just looking for a nicer room, it all depends on what end of the strip you want to stay at.  Venetian, Wynn, Cosmopolitan, Bellagio, and Aria are all highly recommended here.  I believe Caesar's also has some great rooms.

    Platinum is ranked #3 overall in Vegas on tripadvisor, which is a huge deal!  It's just a short cab ride/walk to the Strip. 

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