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Has anyone used Lawry's The Prime Rib for a wedding reception?  They seem to have good reviews for food, but I haven't found a lot of pics? 

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    I got 2 pictures from Michelle @ Lawry's, but can't figure out how to attach them.  Send me your email address and I can send them over. Wedding Countdown Ticker image119 Dealt!
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    Hey Angie, I don't know how to upload photos on here either but maybe next time you can use a site like this one to upload the photo and then share the link:
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    EncoreBride (past knottie) had her reception there and gave them an A+, here's a link to her reviews:
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    I went to a wedding reception at Lawrys a couple of years ago and it was great.  We had a private room in the back and you really couldn't hear the noise from the restaurant at all.  The food was delicious, too, but I'm partial to prime rib.
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    Thanks for the pics, everyone.  That's very helpful!  I was finally able to open the pics I received from the location as well.  Michelle responded quite quickly, but I was impatient and at work :)  We won't have a dj, so that shouldn't be an issue.  My biggest concern is the alchohol.  I'm not sure how I feel about paying by consumption... And the outfits.  Would the servers for our reception wear those outfits as well??
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