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Hi everyone, 

My partner and I are due to be married at the Bellagio, on the Terrazza ,this coming September 21st!  Its where I proposed (well the Bellagio fountains) so it means alot to us.The day seemed miles away but as soon as we hit 2012 it suddenly feels like it will be here in no time.

We are from the U.K so we will only have arount 20-25 people in our party due to the cost involved in getting to Vegas. 
As we are due to be wed at the Bellagio I would appreciate any ideas/experiences on where to have the wedding reception.
Closer to the Bellagio the better ,I really dont want to have to take all the guests to another part of the strip  , if it had a nice view then that would be even better!
We dont get married untill 6pm so we wont be getting to any venue to around 8pm(ish) , as the 21st falls on a friday Im assuming that tables in restaurants will be at a premium, we would ideally prefer somewhere with a little privacy if possible but not at high roller prices!!
Our budget is around $125-150 pp

Many thanks 

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    Your budget is certainly more than reasonable to find something for that number of people with a private room.  Are you wanting something that could involve dancing/music/DJ or is it just going to be a private dining area for people to relax, eat and mingle?

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    Lee - look at FIX at Bellagio.  I just looked at their menus and from what I read, they also have a small private room. Wedding Countdown Ticker image119 Dealt!
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    are you wanting to stay at Bellagio?  Here is what I have from when I was looking and these are all private rooms except Michael Mina:
    Circo-seasonal premium, April is 2500
    Sensi- 3200
    Fix- no premium
    Le Cirque2500
    Michael Mina- semi private-3000

    the ones I didn't get info for:
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    My friend had her reception at Prime last year. There were about 20 of us and we were seated at two different tables in the main room. It was $150 per plate and we got prix fix menu. It was great!
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