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Sunrise Wedding Menu Help!!!

Hi fellow knots!!

I am trying to finalize my breakfast reception menu and could use some input / your great ideas!

We are getting married 10/6/12 on the patio at the Ghostbar for a sunrise wedding. Early I know!!

 We estimate 30 to 40 guests; majority in their mid 20s to early 30s except our parents a few family friends. 

We still want a fun reception even though it is early! Since, it will feel like vacation for all of us and the setting is a nightclub on the 55th floor I hope that will promote a more fun event. 

I am looking for menu ideas that would aid in a good time and feel not so morning for everyone, so the drinking and dancing can still take place and be a blast! 

No sit down meals, more of a cocktail affair!

I think I might have a basket sent to guests rooms for wake up call that include a red bull a note saying " It is mighty early as the clock strikes 6am! So as you are on your way to celebrate our BIG DAY, drink one of these to give you Wings!" Something cutesy....need to figure my note out. LOL

There will be coffee and juice awaiting guests as they arrive to the ceremony. Really cute with a personalized coffee cup sleeves and maybe a mini doughnut hole or something.

We have thought about mini breakfast items such as: 
Chicken n Waffle Cone, Honey Ham Crepe, Mini Smoked Salmon Eclaire, 
 Duck Belini Pancake Stack
duck confit, spiced blueberry crme,
 Mini Sausage and Egg Sandwich,
 Chocolate covered Bacon Strips
enough said, Elvis French Toast Slider Nutella banana, powder sugar, Asparagus Tartlet, Sweet Potato Fries applewood bacon powder, espressomaple ketchup

We feel these still say breakfast is there away around this? I mean in your 20s you go on vacation start drinking at like 9am....but can't remember what we ate! I don't want to down play the elegance part of all of this I just don't want a boring reception. We are in Vegas!

So what are your ideas? What foods should we serve that would be great presentation, not feel so breakfast like that makes you want coffee instead of mimosas bloody Mary's or mojitos? It's mighty early but how can we make the event feel like its not breakfast time it's party time?

Re: Sunrise Wedding Menu Help!!!

  • I think what you have sounds awesome. But, at sunrise I would still expect the dancing to not last all that long. But, the more I think about your idea, the more I like it. And, I love the red bull with the wake up call.
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  • What a great idea - I LOVE it! I think your menu items sound great. I WOULD keep it a bit breakfasty cause it is that time of the day and that is what people feel like, but I wouldn't worry about it too much. As you say - who can remember what you ate if you are planning on filling up on mimosas and Bloody Marys. How did you come up with the idea for a sunrise wedding? And what is your timeline, do you mind sharing? Have you got anything planned for after the reception?
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  • Thanks to both of you!!

    Re afeliz79: Glad you like the idea of the redbull wakeup was the 1st time I said it out loud. Good to know it is something I should continue to try to do! Just need to figure out what saying to go with it :)

    Re SarahInVegas:Glad you like the idea :) No I don't mind you asking at all that why we are all here right? Well the sunrise idea actually started out as a joke truly! We loved the look of the Ghostbar at night and we were just talking about the venue while looking at pictures and I said to him "Hey we could always choose the AM while it is still dark to get the look we want!" Then laughed. Next thing I knew, I was planning a dawn wedding. 1. We love the view of the strip at night and no way could we afford the F&B minimum for an evening wedding there. 2. I get up every morning at 5am & always see the sunrise. It is my time to drink coffee, read my book, straighten the house etc. 3. Before our car accident we would go to breakfast every morning at the same diner before we both headed to work. 

    At that moment I realized the dawn to sunrise was the perfect idea for us. It definetly is unique and represents us completely. The big factor is that I didn't want to wait all day to marry him. Let's get up, have a beautiful wedding that not many others do and then have the rest of the day with our guests and enjoy a longer wedding day married not getting ready to get married. ****So that is how it all came about :) 

    Wedding Weekend Timeline:
    Meet & Greet Party w/DDB tour w/guests probably 5-7 or 4-6 (undecided)
    In the bed by 8 no later than 9pm LOL

    2:00 wake up
    2:30 H/MUA arrive to the hotel (Bride, MOB, MOH, 2 BM)
    4:00 Videographer arrives (so my hair done / makeup starting)
    5:00 Final Touches
    5:15 Leave/Walk to Ceremony (Pictures along the way w/girls)
    6:00 Guest begin to arrive (It will still be quite dark outside so uplighting on patio)
    6:15 Ceremony Starts (Slight glow over horizon / During the sky will fill up with colors)
    6:40 Sunrises :)
    6:45 Ceremony Ends
    7:00-10am Reception

    AFTERWARDS we plan (not booked or even worried about setting in stone at this point)
    1. give guests time to do some events on their own or go take a nap LOL while we head down the strip & to the las vegas sign for pictures
    2. In the afternoon we are going to Madame Tussaud's for hilarious pictures and it will be a fun event for us and the guests
    3. Later on we might do an Insuite pregame, go to dinner, then have an After Party somewhere. (maybe dinner then pregame, then after party - who knows)

    What do you think?? :)
  • Wow, that really sounds amazing! FI are always up at 5am at the latest too, have a cup of  tea together and then exercise before we have breakfast and leave for work. It is my favourite time of the day by far. I was originally planning a mid morning wedding to reflect that (AND because I totally get your point re not wanting to wait - I am so impatient), but my friends looked at me in horror when I mentioned it haha. I so love it though! Do you have to pay your videographer/ makeup etc extra for the ungodly hours they are going to work? Oh and LOVE the redbull wake up as well. Definitely go for it; they will love you for it!
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