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Possibly changing venues....

I had originally planned on having our wedding at MB but then I was reading about Chapel of the Flowers on here and now I am thinking this might be the spot!  Does anybody have any feedback on COF?  I did read that the neighborhood isn't the best but once you get there you foget all about it.  If we decide to make this the location (and I am coming down to the wire and need to make a decision ASAP) then I was thinking about providing a limo bus for our guests to get there since it is not on the strip.  I also have been reading that their photography is excellent which is a huge plus!  Any thoughts/comments on COF?  Thank you in advance!

Re: Possibly changing venues....

  • I couldn't of been happier with COF. The internet broadcast for my friends was great (since our wedding was a surprise for them). The location isn't as bad as it sounds. Yes, the area isn't the nicest looking but we had no issues with it. When we returned the next day to pick up our photos we walked a few stores down and never got bothered. Speaking of pictures, we couldn't decide because we loved them all...so we bought them all. If I were to redo it, I'd surely go back to COF. If I remember correctly, it is on the strip, just quite a way down.
  • It's nothing like mb
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  • Its more of a vegas experience compared to Mandalay bay (or any strip hotel chapel)  I had a friend from high school get married there, and she told me she had a great time and wouldnt have changed it!
  • after a lot of research on my part, i found that you got a lot more for your dollar than you do anywhere else. they can accomodate just about ANY budget.

    furthermore, since i have booked with them, they have been helpful, but not pushy about selling their products. their rules are a little strict on the grounds, but i am okay with relinquishing a little control for the peace of mind that things are in their hands, instead of mine.

    i booked not only my wedding with them, but my reception as well.

    i love that my wedding will be broadcast live; my budget would not permit me to invite all of my old chums, so we chose to keep it intimate with close family and friends.

    i am glad to have a package deal, where i dont have to make so many decisions. i have seen almost nothing but positive reviews about this place. the grounds are beautiful, even if the surrounding neighborhood isnt first rate. you arent going to spend much time running around in that area are you?
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  • Loved Chapel of the Flowers. You get a lot of bang for your buck... we had the Garden package and the Garden was really beautiful. Our wedding was at night, it was so romantic, and a perfect size for our group too (24 guests). The photography is great. They do get a little pushy once you go in before the wedding to see everything & go through the process, they try to say the photo upgrade won't be available after the wedding, but it totally is, lol. You can pay everything online which is super nice. Good luck!
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  • We were very pleased with COF. Their staff was friendly, courteous and professional.  We loved the pics they took and have received so many compliments.  

  • Thank you everyone for the feedback!  It always helps in the decision making process to get different experiences.  I actually called COF today and the person I spoke with was very nice and helpful....good sign :)

  • I am booking my wedding there.  I have heard nothing but good things and love the 2nd limo option!  Super excited!
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