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Hi everyone!

We have our DJ choices down to these two companies.  We have been in contact with both of them and both seem like good choices for our reception, but yet I'm trying to make an appointment at least with Gabriel with All Events DJ since we were a bit more impressed with what he had to offer and he still has not gotten back to me from a couple of weeks ago after several emails on my end.  We are going to Vegas the end of March to get some wedding stuff together and meet with a bunch of vendors we are possibly going to use for our reception and our time there is filling up.  So just wanted your opinions if any of you have used, going to use, or heard of either of these two DJs so I can make an appointment with one of them, I would greatly appreciate it! 

Thanks for all of your help!  It has made planning a wedding from a distance a bit easier with you knotties.  Hope everyone's planning is coming along nicely! :)

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    I got quick responses from All Events DJ when I started looking, already booked for my date so it didn't matter but didn't have any troubles.  We ended up booking Jeff & Jeremy from All Night Long Entertainment and they've been very responsive so far, so might be worth looking into.

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    We used Gabriel with All Events for our photobooth. His communication runs hot and cold, but he really comes through. He came through with our request to have the Vegas sign with our wedding date to appear on the bottom of the photo strip. We also couldn't beat the deal he had b/c we were at one of the wedding expos. I wish he was better at the communication, but I would totally use him again and would recommend and he comes through.
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