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The Cupcakery

Last week the Man and I were having lunch and I wanted to get a cupcake to take back to my office and as I walk over to the Cupcakery store I see a banner... We do custom cakes.!!!

I think light shined down from heaven.

I love this place.  I talked to Stephen the owner and he is making my ideal cake for half the price of any other vendors I talked to.  I am using Maggiano's so I kinda had to use creations.. They never called me back so I got the go ahead to contact Gimme some sugar from Marc and he would pay them instead of creations.  YUCK!  Gimme some sugar was one of the worst cakes I have ever tasted.  I thought it was just me but nope it was gross.  I even thought maybe it was just that cake tasting package they sent me, I saw them at a bridal show and thought I am gonna try the cake again cause you never know.  GAG!

I am so thrilled that the cupcakery does cakes.  They have the flavors I want at no additional charge. Every other bakery want sto charge more.  I wanted Champagne flavored filling or butter cream and guess what!!!  They have it and are more than happy to slap that on for me at no additional Charge.

My cake is 4 tiers, fondant and lots of detail work... less than $800.
Freeds for the same cake wanted to go ahead and charge me $1400 + $95 for the different flavors I wanted and thier cake is pretty darn dry too.
Gimme Some Sugar  YACK...
Creations... never called or emailed back.

You want a good cake with some amazing flavors and customer service...  the cupcakery is your place.

I hope vendors read this knot community, Because I seriously know that customer service goes a very long way with me and most people dislike no taste dry cake.

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    So is Maggiano's going to let you use this place for your cake in lieu of Creations?
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    sarahtortsarahtort member
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    They let me use Gimme Some Sugar... I will talk to Marc and see what we can work out.

    They should use them as thier prefered vendor.  They would save money and have better cakes to offer thier brides for sure.
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    Sara191431Sara191431 member
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    Agreed on GSS, most of the flavors we tried were pretty dry.  A couple were ok, like the pumpkin, but for the most part, not our taste.
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